One of the things that most building owners understand is that it is necessary to have their buildings inspected. However, what they do not know is when to have the building inspections done. To answer this question, it is good to understand that there are several situations that might call for your building to be inspected. Every building is unique and so even the situation that calls the inspection to be done should also be unique depending on your own situation. However, there are also some general rules that require the inspection to be carried out. To help you gain more understanding and avoid builders mistakes, here are situations that call for building inspections to be conducted.

Listing the building for sale

If you want to list your building for sale in the real estate market, you should have it inspected. This is necessary to ensure that you are selling a house you understand its actual state and condition. In most areas, it is also a requirement that before you list your building in the property market, you should also provide an inspection report. This is a great way to ensure that you do not sell a substandard building. Doing the inspections help you do the right repairs that help boost the value of your building and allow it to attract potential buyers fast.

After a storm or flood

Your building is prone to damages when there are floods or storms. Some of the damages resulting from these elements might not be easy to recognise. They might be just small, but if they are allowed to escalate, they might become more severe and costly. Thus, after a storm or floods, it is advisable to have your building inspected to check that there are no damages. Some of the areas that require to be inspected include the floor, foundation, roof among others. Building inspections after floods or storms ensures that in case of some damages, the right repair is done fast.

Know your building condition

At times, you would want to understand the real condition of your building. The only way you can do this is to have it inspected by a professional. Understanding the condition of your building is necessary so that you know that everything is intact and do the right repairs where necessary. It is also good to know the condition of your building to be sure that your investment is fully protected. If you fail to know the condition of your building, you might end up getting disappointed in the long end when you note that some parts deteriorated in quality without your realisation.

Adhere to building codes

It is a legal requirement in many areas to submit a building inspection report after a certain period. This rule ensures that all buildings in the area meet the right standards. So, you need to comply with the law and have your building inspected after the period indicated. Failure to submit your building inspection report might land you into problems by being fined by the authorities.