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The Future of Netflix: Secure?

AKIE BERMISS: Netflix getting knocked off the throne of online streaming? I don’t think so. Take it from a guy who knows! I haven’t had a television for over a year. Any kind of home-viewing of movies or television shows is done from my computers. As such, I have Netflix *and* Amazon Prime. I rent movies from iTunes at least once a week. And recently, I’ve even begun thinking about getting a HULU+ membership. From all that, I can tell you one thing for certain: when it comes to streaming Netflix does it best, makes it the most available, and has the best potential for growth.

HOWARD MEGDAL But Blockbuster is precisely the comparison here. Netflix was first; that won’t give it a permanent stranglehold on the market. The question, at a certain point, will become: who do you trust to do it in a more customer-friendly way? The company that gave us the Quikster debacle? Or the company that has already laid waste to traditional publishing? Continue reading

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In Briefs: Terrible Music Video

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: 13 year old’s “Worst Song Ever” gets 29 million YouTube hits. I
know I keep threatening to move to the moon….and I will continue to do so as long as there are statistics like these on Earth.


Seriously. It’s like Akie said. Nothing truly good can rise to the top when we’re all too busy critiquing a teenager’s use of Autotune in a song about waiting for the school bus. Continue reading

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Online Shopping Models

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: My reaction to the “haul” videos I’ve heard have been cropping up on YouTube in the last few years is one which I feel can best be expressed List form. There are so many ways to feel about the growing popularity and acceptance of these videos—and all of those ways are bad and weird. I’d like to give a few words to the main ones.

AKIE BERMISS: I hate to be that guy. You know — THAT guy — the one who can’t deal with how awesome and cool and totally awesome the internet is and who constantly cries, “What’s the world coming to?” To what, indeed. I LIKE to think of myself as the other guy: the cool guy who has twitter and facebook, who tweets, and tumblers, and podcasts his was through news and culture. I do like to think that I’m perfectly in tune with what the internet has going on. But you know, sometimes I just get caught off balance. Sometimes the insipidity of people just can’t be anticipated. And so it was with no little shock that I discovered the seedy (yet, actually, quite sanitary) world of online shopping models. Continue reading

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure about Apple’s claims that the iPad will change the way we experience the web, but maybe they meant that in a subtle way—kind of like how crazy straws have changed the way we drink juice.

AKIE BERMISS: The laptop is the home-computer now. Its flexible for any kind of living situation, takes up less space, and works well for typing up long items like term-papers, or business, proposals, or books. Its not the fun, young, hip and sexy girl at the prom anymore.

That’s the iPad. Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal: YouTube Casualty OR His Way Forward

AKIE BERMISS: If you had the great pleasure of being conscious and near a television or radio Tuesday night then you were probably able to watch Barack Obama’s triumphant non-State of the Union address to Congress and the American people. If you’re a Democrat or Obama-supporter then you are probably still thrumming with excitement over the President’s inspiring words. It was, truly, a great speech. And it may very well live on to be a seminal moment in American politics. The night President Obama stood up and said: This has got to change.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Look, no one was more amused than I was by Bobby Jindal’s performance on Tuesday night. But much as I’d like to agree with Akie that Bobby Jindal has disqualified himself forever, I’m afraid I just don’t think it’s true.

Akie is right that Jindal has a huge message problem-but not his Kenneth the Page delivery, so obviously an affect that it will be easy for Jindal to shed it in future appearances. Just take a look at this appearance Bobby Jindal made before the NRA- obviously, the man is capable of far better than his Obama response. Continue reading

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