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Domonic Brown Prospectus

DAVE TOMAR: Brown has been hounded not just by the imposing stats that Werth takes out of town with him but by the immediacy of success enjoyed last year by top prospects like Atlanta’s 21 year-old Jason Heyward, Florida’s 21 year-old Mike Stanton and San Francisco’s 23 year-old Buster Posey. While Brown’s upside remains high, he didn’t come out of the box fully assembled like these other guys. Fortunately for the Phillies, there are a few perfectly capable ballplayers lined up and itching to prove themselves as everyday players.

CHRIS PUMMER: Dave is right. The Phillies’ season won’t be made or broken by what Brown can give them above and beyond what the other spare parts laying around could if assembled properly. But all things being equal, they’d rather have the chance to see now what Brown can do for them. Continue reading

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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Rangers have answered every question I have about them. And still, despite being the clearly inferior team, I think the Giants are going to win their first world championship since moving to San Francisco.

CHRIS PUMMER: I think they Giants will prove they are just as good as the Rangers when they win in seven games. Continue reading

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Perpetual Post AL East Preview

STEPHON JOHNSON: While I tire of the “American League is better than the National League” talk, there’s no denying how good the American League East is.

EMMA SPAN: The 2010 AL East race in a nutshell: Continue reading

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Yankee Title 27: Do People Care?

STEPHON JOHNSON: The New York Yankees find themselves back on top of the baseball world with their latest World Series victory. But why does it feel like a huge chunk of New Yorkers could care less?

JESSICA BADER: I was ten years old when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996. While it wasn’t until the following season that baseball became a major interest of mine, I already identified myself as a Mets fan and couldn’t quite understand why most of my classmates weren’t. After all, we were in Queens, and the vast majority of us were born in 1986 – what more could be needed to cement one’s loyalties? Continue reading

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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like Dave, I believe those who are calling the World Series an easy win for the Yankees are mistaken. The Phillies are a skilled team, strong defensively, with a lineup to compete with the Yankees and even some good starting pitching.

The Yankees, however, are better and have the home field. I suspect that is too much for even a strong Philadelphia team to overcome.

DAVE TOMAR:Robin Roberts, the Hall of Fame Phillies pitcher who faced off with the Yankees as a member of the Whiz Kids during the 1950 World Series, once said that there were only four things he hated: Michigan, Notre Dame, Russia and the Yankees. Personally, I’ve got nothing against Russia. Continue reading

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