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Mad Men: The Other Woman

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: When my mother read Gwenyth Swain’s “The Road to Seneca Falls” (a children’s chapter book about the women’s suffrage movement) to me as a little girl, the book began with with a detailed account of the unjust, yet normalized opinions of women and their roles in society. A visceral reaction came from my 7-year-old self in response to the tame description of the marginalization of women. I began to scream and cry, my mind whirled, and my mother put the book on the shelf never to be touched again. A similar reaction came over me when watching this episode of “Mad Men.” Though there was no temper tantrum, and I sat through the entire episode, by the end I was shaking. The structure, the men, the women, the pimps, the whores, the actors, the agencies, and The Other Woman all make up the best hour of television that I have ever seen. Continue reading

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Running Government Like A Business

AKIE BERMISS: When it comes to governing, I think the subject is much more complicated than most people appreciate. Its not simply a matter of laws and budgets and leadership. Nor is simply a matter of ethics and beliefs. Trust no one who tried to boil governing down to something so simplistic.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Rhetoric about “running government like a business” floated around nationwide during this last election cycle, but we got our own special dose of it in Michigan, where we recently elected Gateway CEO Rick Snyder governor over Lansing mayor and long-time governance guy Virg Bernero. Since the primaries, Snyder has been promising our thoroughly depressed state that he will “reinvent” it, presumably to run more like a business.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: While campaigning for this recent election season, lots of Republicans ran on a platform that involved promises to run the government like a business to get things back on track.

The point of a business is to grow and expand, but conservatives don’t want the government to grow and expand. They want to shrink it. I don’t understand how this is supposed to work, in a business sense. Continue reading

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