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CNN Reporting On Its Own Twitter Feed

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Meandering out of the gym one afternoon last week, I happened to glance over at one of the giant, ubiquitious plasma TVs that line the walls of every self-respecting gym. Because you can’t have working out without TVs! In any event, this particular TV was tuned to CNN, and at the moment I looked over, the main camera was zooming in for a close-up of…a Twitter message.

HOWARD MEGDAL: CNN’s dangerous decision to start reporting from its own Twitter feed has nearly as many disadvantages as advantages. The biggest problem is the extent it strays from the vital pillars of journalism: random blog posts, what other networks are reporting about, Facebook rants and iReports. Continue reading

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HOWARD MEGDAL: I recently had a chance to see what 3D TV looks like, surveying a pair of the televisions and glasses to go with them. My short-form response: they are getting there, but 3D TV doesn’t have what I think will be necessary to overtake HDTV quite yet: ease of use and clear value-added.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: It’s like Wolf Blitzer is sitting in my lap! Continue reading

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David Carradine Fans: Shame OR Pride?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Kudos to E! for taking it to the media, so transfixed by the mundane details of David Carradine’s death with their usual auto-erotic asphyxiation bias.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN:Not to be a sentimental fool, but whatever happened to not speaking ill of the dead? Continue reading

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Dullards, dimwits, and dementia: Why 3-D isn’t cool yet

That droplet of blood you see hurdling freely from the screen is not an apt metaphor for the technology that produced it. The plasma and platelets progressed from deep…

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