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State of the Teacher

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The whole controversy over taking away collective bargaining rights for teachers in Wisconsin has made me realize the full extent of my naivete as far as teaching is concerned. That is to say, I always thought that teaching was a highly respected profession. How could it not be?! Teachers educate our children, our children are the future, ergo, teachers are helping to build the future.

CHRIS PUMMER: We all know that broad brushstrokes are preferred method of illustration for those with an agenda. And for some, that agenda is dismantling public education as we know it.

It’s only by drawing public servants as caricatures that this idea doesn’t seem radical and perhaps stupid. Continue reading

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Politics of Financial Reform

HOWARD MEGDAL: The GOP’s inability to get out of its own way on financial reform has given the Democrats an awfully effective cudgel heading into the 2010 midterms.

CHRIS PUMMER: Everyone wants to stick it to Wall Street, at least if you believe the rhetoric emanating from all corners of populism’s political spectrum. But while pushing aggressive financial reforms might move the needle ever so slightly for the Democrats going into his fall’s election, my impression is the process will seem so abstract to Joe Voter that it won’t yield the huge amounts of political capital some expect. Continue reading

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State of the Union Reactions

HOWARD MEGDAL: There is much that President Obama did well in tonight’s speech, though how much the speech succeeded will ultimately be determined by legislative action and the voters in 2010. But the most vital part of President Obama’s speech Wednesday night was placing the Democratic Party on the side of regulating Wall Street.

JESSICA BADER: The thing that struck me the most about Barack Obama’s first official State of the Union address was how comfortable, how in his element, he seemed while giving it. Even knowing what a gifted speaker the President is and the sense of calm he projects even when the going gets tough, I would have expected some amount of nervousness to seep through as he delivered this speech that will supposedly determine the fate of his presidency (at least until the pundits determine another pivotal moment to fixate on). Instead, he was witty and self-deprecating, not afraid to riff off of the reactions of the audience immediately in front of him even as he was explaining his agenda to the audience watching on a screen.

Like Obama has done throughout his time in the national spotlight, he found the right words, delivered them the right way and at just the right time. Continue reading

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State of the Union: What Is Wanted/Expected?

JESSICA BADER: As we gear up for Barack Obama’s first official State of the Union address (the speech he gave to a joint session of Congress around this time a year ago wasn’t technically a SotU as it came so soon after his inauguration), one of the major legislative priorities of his first year in office hangs in limbo.

CHRIS PUMMER: Demonstrating the resolve to continue pushing for your beliefs not only convinces the public the president has strength of character. It also reassures people that the man in charge believes the nation is on the right course, even if the road right now seems bumpy. That’s what Obama has to do on Wednesday.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Regardless of his tone or specific policy proposals beyond it, Barack Obama can only succeed in putting his party in position to at least minimize losses if he is seen as finally battling Wall Street. There is no other path to victory in 2010.

JEFF MORROW: After a difficult, potentially fruitless year of legislative wrangling, people really want to know whether President Obama and the Democratic Congress can actually govern. By its nature, that can’t be demonstrated at the podium. Continue reading

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NY-Mayor: Bloomberg Squeaks By

STEPHON JOHNSON: The mayoral race in New York City spoke clearly about the class/economic divide the city has trouble overcoming.

JESSICA BADER: In the months leading up to Election Day, my attitude towards Mike Bloomberg’s campaign for a third term was one of ambivalence. Continue reading

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Housing Foreclosures: Rough on the Super-wealthy, Great for the Poor

HOWARD MEGDAL: The best things in life are free. So thank you, recession, for giving me my freedom.

DAVE TOMAR: I am learning a lot about myself. For one thing, I’m incredibly resilient. You wouldn’t think you could survive on a net worth of $800 million, but with some careful planning and frugal decision making, I am beginning to find the balance. Continue reading

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