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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 15 — “Heart Broken”

KIP MOONEY: In relationships, sometimes you have to try new things. You’ve got to break up the routine, do a little role-playing or be totally spontaneous.

And so it was with this week’s episode of Modern Family. Not just with…

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Modern Family: Episode 14

KIP MOONEY: “Tonight’s episode had one too many balls in the air and couldn’t quite juggle them all. But that’s the trouble with holiday episodes of ensemble comedies: you’ve got to pull together all the characters somehow, and in 22 minutes, there’s no way to make each storyline as funny and fledged out as its counterparts.”

HOWARD MEGDAL: I generally agree with Kip, though I had more tolerance for the Gloria-Jay storyline and less for Manny-Haley. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day in Review

HOWARD MEGDAL: Let’s start off with the clear premise of the day. You have a partner, a spouse, someone you rely on in a myriad of emotional and other ways. And Valentine’s Day is a single day to show it.

AKIE BERMISS: I’ve never been a big fan of Valentines day. I’ve mistrusted the holiday since I was in small clothes. I like chocolates and flowers and rhyming poems — but a whole holiday centered around the pretense of spreading love? Sounds lame. Thing is, I like chocolates and flowers and sentimental doggerel any day of the year. There’s always room for more chocolate and poetry. And flowers are flowers — who doesn’t like flowers? I’m allergic to pollen — and I still love them.

But I hate Valentine’s Day.

EMILY SAIDEL: The best gift for Valentine’s Day is one of communication–to use the day as an opportunity to tell your partner out loud about a desire for recognition and an event, a desire for a laid-back approach, or a desire of a bawdier nature, rather than expecting telepathic knowledge. Continue reading

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