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Saturday Night Live: Megan Fox/U2

HOWARD MEGDAL: I entered the new season mildly hopeful for the opener. It was my hope that someone as physically prepossessing as Megan Fox would have some talent, and U2 is inoffensive. Alas, Fox does not have any talent to match her looks, and it was painfully obvious that SNL’ writers knew it, too. The episode was, in essence, an exercise on how not to depend on the guest star.

STEVE MURPHY: Megan Fox is attractive, but I don’t think she’s much of an actress, and I’m not a fan of U2. The only thing I’m banking on is the writers having a whole off-season to hone their skills and come up with great new stuff. Fingers crossed.

ZOË RICE: I find myself struggling to find something to write about this season’s SNL premiere broadcast. Mostly, this is because the entire show was a non-event. No skit struck me as memorable, and even the SNL F-Bomb Scandal of ’09 passed me by until I read about it. After rewinding the DVR twice, I finally noticed the entirely unremarkable slip by new cast member Jenny Slate. If SNL was trying to send me off to slumber, it worked. I was bored to sleep. Continue reading

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