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Whitney Hate

JESSICA BADER: I’ve been thoroughly annoyed by the new NBC sitcom Whitney ever since the posters advertising it were plastered all over bus stops and pay phones this summer, one-liners of retrograde sexism allegedly rendered “edgy” by being spoken by a woman. Then came the TV ads for the show, which were grating to the point that they made my teeth hurt every time I saw one. Yet, for as many reasons as I had to be annoyed by the show, I began to feel uncomfortable about hating something I had never actually watched.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I for one am tired of television’s ‘sexy girl but oh she’s a tomboy and she doesn’t even know she’s hot so she sometimes pretends to ape sexy behavior but she doesn’t realize that it actually IS sexy because SHE is sexy even when she’s not trying to be but especially when she is fake-trying’ trope.
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Brady Bunch Vs. Gilligan’s Island

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: Gilligan’s Island was the better show. I’m not suggesting that The Brady Bunch wasn’t a good show… but GI has the edge. Let’s start with the theme song, “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle” (co-written by Schwarz). TBB has a memorable, catchy theme song (and a charming opening theme sequence), but GI has a tremendous theme song. It doesn’t merely set the scene, it tells a story itself… and a compelling story, no less. “A three hour tour…,” we hear. I get chills even now just thinking those four words.

HOWARD MEGDAL: We lost a TV giant this week, when Sherwood Schwartz, creator of both The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island, died at the age of 94. In terms of quality TV, I don’t think one would necessarily argue that either show belongs among the pantheon alongside The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers or Seinfeld. But both made indelible marks upon American pop culture, and I think the lasting impact of The Brady Bunch is greater. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Now Hitting for Sheen, Kutcher

HOWARD MEGDAL: Predictions for the Ashton Kutcher version of Two and a Half Men?

AKIE BERMISS: Kutcher?! It’s a good thing I don’t watch that show or I’d be SO angry right now.

Does anyone like…

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Modern Family in Review

HOWARD MEGDAL: Truthfully, I thought this episode didn’t live up to the first two weeks. But that has been a common theme during Modern Family’s run whenever a guest star appears.

KIP MOONEY: “But now I think the series is just starting to plateau. It’s just not covering any new ground. But that’s the problem when a show started out more or less perfect. There was really only one direction to go.” Continue reading

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The State of TV

THOMAS DELAPA: Dazed and discontented viewers may well ask who took the “vision” out of television. It’s become our national id, where egos rule. But in an increasingly insular, home-theater society that wants its TV and MTV, nobody today is yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going take this anymore.” Resistance seems programmed to fail. Like Chauncey Gardiner, the numbed voyeur of Being There, Americans like to watch.

NAVA BRAHE: Howard, I’ll give you The Daily Show, but I will not concede my belief that after The Sopranos finished, TV ended; at least for me.

JASON CLINKSCALES: I love television. I probably love it more because I’m the one who pays the cable bill, but I love it nonetheless. What I don’t love is how we talk about television. Continue reading

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