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Premier League Preview

MIKE CUMMINGS: It should be business as usual in the Premier League this season, but “usual” has changed slightly over the past few years. Where there used to be dominance from the Big Four, now it’s the “Sky Six.” Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool should all be near the top of the table, but Spurs and Manchester City have also positioned themselves as perennial contenders. One thing is still for sure, though: Manchester United is the team to beat.

KAREN PATEL: The Community Shield is the appetiser to the new EPL season and it seems, based on the result, that Manchester United have carried on where they left off. Despite some new faces to bed in (notably Ashley Young, and possibly Wesley Sneijder) and some players nearing retirement, United’s will to win is still very much there and unless there is some huge injury crisis, they will be challenging for the title once again this season.

AIDAN KELLY: Team most likely to win … Manchester United, silly. Despite rarely exhibiting the swagger of champions last season, and looking very ordinary on occasion (the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool and 2-1 loss to Wolves in 2011 spring to mind), they still managed to notch up a record 19th league title with nine points to spare, thanks in the main to Arsenal’s springtime self-destruction.
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Champions League Week in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: Half of the Round of 16 is complete, and the biggest surprise so far has to be the performance of Tottenham Hotspur. Thanks to Peter Crouch’s first-leg goal in the San Siro, and the whole team’s professional return performance at White Hart Lane, Spurs are among the final eight teams of Europe. One team that won’t be there, and doesn’t deserve a place, is Arsenal. It’s hard to know which fact pleases Spurs fans more. Continue reading

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MIKE CUMMINGS: Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 on Sunday to pull themselves one point head of … well, Sunderland, for fifth place. With the loss, Chelsea stayed level on points with … well, Tottenham Hotspur, on 44 points, with the Blues taking fourth spot thanks to a better goal differential. Apologies to fans of Sunderland and Tottenham, but that doesn’t really have the same ring as pulling ahead of Arsenal or level with Manchester United, does it?

KAREN PATEL: There was indeed a lot of hype surrounding this fixture, and that is largely due to Fernando Torres. Yet it was Liverpool who shone and displayed the grit and determination that had been missing during Roy Hodgson’s tenure. Continue reading

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Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: Another solid but underwhelming performance by Manchester United. And another solid but not-quite-enough performance by Tottenham Hotspur. Combine the two and you get a couple of questions. Will Man U ever lose this season? And are Spurs really ready to challenge for the title?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Not only did the 0-0 draw with Manchester United feel like a lost opportunity for Spurs, it is safe to wonder when they will receive a better opportunity. Continue reading

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Champions League Matchday 6

MIKE CUMMINGS: Play it again, Sam. And, aww, what the heck — while we’re at it, here’s looking at you, Arsenal.

HOWARD MEGDAL: To paraphrase another Casablanca quote, Mike, how extravagant you are, throwing away Spurs like that. Someday, English clubs may become scarce. Continue reading

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January Transfer Window Expectations

KAREN PATEL: I remember last season when Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted as saying that the transfer market is poor, which is why he doesn’t make any more flagship signings. Many interpreted this as simply a lack of funds provided by the owners (they are in an awful lot of debt after all) but, for the first time in my life, I have to agree with Mr Ferguson.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Karen is right: the transfer window does allow for price-gouging, and little else. But for a number of teams within clear striking distance, adding that one extra piece could be the difference. Continue reading

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Champions League Matchday 4

HOWARD MEGDAL: Some fascinating results, to be sure. But to me, the 3-1 win of Gareth Bale over Inter Milan means we’ll be tracing how long Bale remains at White Hart Lane to a single match: Man City vs. Spurs, last spring, for fourth place.

MIKE CUMMINGS: So now we have verse 37 in Howard’s Ode To Gareth Bale, a paean to emerging greatness that, let’s face it, is destined to reach 50 stanzas by the time Bale bolts for Man City next summer. Fair enough, but the real story of Matchday 4 was the storybook ending for Eduardo way out in the football backwater known as the Ukraine. Continue reading

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Champions League Matchday Three

HOWARD MEGDAL: Two games in two days: one utterly clinical, the other filled with excesses not often seen in any match. Each one with Milanese flavor.

MIKE CUMMINGS: Two goals in two halves: One impressive, the other filled with regret not seen since last summer in South Africa. Each one with American flavor. Sorry, Howard, I couldn’t resist. Continue reading

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Champions League: Round 2, Day 2

MIKE CUMMINGS: I’m away from my TV set for one day – one day! – and what happens? From the looks of things on the ol’ Champions League scoreboard, Wednesday was a heck of a day across Europe. Rubin Kazan got another result against Barcelona. Maurice Edu played well for Rangers and won. Everybody’s favorite legume, Chicharito, scored as Man U beat Valencia. Heck, even Spurs managed to win somehow.

HOWARD MEGDAL: There was plenty to take away from Tottenham Hotspur’s first Champions League home game against FC Twente. Continue reading

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Manchester City Vs. Chelsea In Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: “Chelsea are the best team in the Premier League at the moment. They are probably going to win the Premier League title easily.” That’s what Roberto Mancini said before his Manchester City squad faced Chelsea this past weekend. Then City went right ahead and proved their manager wrong. Well, sort of.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Saturday’s game provided an answer to the question: was Chelsea dominant because of poor competition, or were the Blues that much better than everyone in the EPL? Apparently, it was the former. Continue reading

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