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The Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: The action this week is Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann going after each other, which seems to do little other than prove that Pawlenty will do nearly anything to position himself as Mitt Romney’s VP. But the real takeaway from this week, when the dust clears, will be how these candidates spoke about the debt ceiling crisis.

CHRIS PUMMER: Pawlenty’s candidacy already looks like a stiff, but a number of hopefuls could benefit if he could share the embrace of electoral death with Bachmann. While Romney surely has a grin, probably nobody would be happier than Rick Perry, who I think has dawdled too long in making his presidential decision. Continue reading

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The Week in 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: If Tim Pawlenty is finding comfort these days it’s in the fact that the Hindenburg, much like his presidential campaign, wasn’t very high off the ground when it exploded. Continue reading

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The Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: To me, the question of whether a challenge to Mitt Romney would emerge from the conservative GOP base- a strong majority of the primary voters, don’t forget-wasn’t much of a question.

CHRIS PUMMER: The Bachmann bubble has a lot of air in it right now. But the media is only just now going to work at puncturing it with some of the more bizarre tales of the Minnesota congresswoman’s political career. Continue reading

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GOP Debate

HOWARD MEGDAL: Truthfully, I don’t think we learned much here, other than about Tim Pawlenty.

CHRIS PUMMER: Pawlenty showed everyone he’s not ready, while Mitt Romney made the case that he’s the legitimate frontrunner in this race. Continue reading

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No Huckabee; Now What?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The exit of Mike Huckabee from the 2012 GOP race has huge ramifications. Arguably, no candidate or potential candidate had a broader hold on the likely GOP electorate as Huckabee.

Consider the groups Huckabee could claim as his…

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First to National Ticket: Franken or Pawlenty?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think Christian is right: Pawlenty seems much likelier to hit the national ticket first. But indulge me, if you will, in a little time-travel.

CHRISTIAN HEINZE: You make a pretty good argument for Al Franken, but I’m going to be a Kardashian (the Dad one) and eviscerate your case. Continue reading

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Tim Pawlenty 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: I must admit to be mystified by those who believe Tim Pawlenty has any realistic chance at the 2012 GOP nomination for president.

CHRIS PUMMER: I’ve been in the chorus of critics singing about how Pawlenty’s foray into the 2012 presidential race is pointless for the painfully plain politician from the northern prairie. Pawlenty will probably need about a dozen unforeseen events to fall his way for the GOP nomination to fland within his grasp.

While Pawlenty needs some luck (or a lot of it), he’s still putting himself in a position to take advantage of it with his ability to raise money. While Howard is unimpressed with his fundraising, I am thoroughly surprised. Continue reading

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Palin/Romney: Who Is Winning?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The 2012 primaries are a long way off, but by any measure, Sarah Palin is the favorite right now to be the GOP standard-bearer in the next presidential election. GOP strategist Phil Musser, among many others, have come to this conclusion. I have felt this way since the fall of 2008, and nothing that has taken place since then has changed my mind.

CHRIS PUMMER: Mitt Romney has the steadiest political hands that will try to reach for the 2012 Republican nomination, which is why he’ll be the likely winner. Continue reading

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