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Brett Favre’s Return

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: You know, I drove past Brett Favre’s compound – err, home – last weekend on the way to a wedding in Hattiesburg, Miss., and it explained everything about that man. His estate is a large piece of property (untold acres, actually) surrounded by not only a thick of trees so dense that you can’t even tell what color his actual house is, but also this giant, lit up fence with columns lining Interstate 55.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I’m not sure there’s a counterpoint here. Does anyone like Brett Favre — or LeBron James, for that matter — anymore? Is anyone interested when ESPN breaks into a rerun of First Take to breathlessly bring us the news that Brett Favre is having ketchup with his eggs this morning? Well, apparently so, because they keep showing it, and if ESPN is good at anything, it’s knowing what its audience wants. So what are we to make of this latest round of nonsense from a formerly well-respected, transcendent athlete? Continue reading

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LeBron and Thanking Cleveland

NAVA BRAHE: When I think of athletes and free agency, I think of the scene in the hockey movie “Slapshot”, where French Canadian goalie Denis Lemieux is having a telephone conversation with his agent, and is advised by his teammate to say, “Trade me right f@%&ing now!” and hang up the phone. If you want out, and you’re able to swing it, fine; but don’t kick the hornets’ nest of disappointed hometown fans by rubbing it in their faces upon your departure. That’s exactly what LeBron James did with his ridiculous newspaper ad that ran in the Akron Beacon-Journal.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I get it: Cleveland feels aggrieved. Yes, LeBron had every right to break up with them- no, he didn’t handle it in the classiest possible way. (Think of sending your girlfriend a DVD of you with your new girlfriend- or worse, televising that DVD on ESPN.)

But I don’t think it is unreasonable for LeBron, after weeks of the city burning him in effigy, not to want to mention them in his ad. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods’ Caddy

HOWARD MEGDAL: Shame on the media for spending months discussing the effect of Tiger Woods’ many affairs on his wife and children, while completely missing the person most betrayed by his transgressions: his caddy.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I feel that when discussing the impact which Tiger Woods’ transgressions have on his caddie, we are missing the bigger picture. Namely, the impact which Tiger Woods’s transgressions have had on that schlub over there eating a chili dog and wearing a Nike hat. Continue reading

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Monogamy is unrealistic! People need variety! Life is like a sexy salad bar. We get sick of hard boiled eggs after awhile—we want to try carrots.

AKIE BERMISS: Gentlemen, it is a fine cause to take up the argument against monogamy. I understand, I dig it, I commiserate: I’m with you. But, also, I don’t really think there’s much of an argument there. Well, I think its important that I state, out front, that I am a one-woman man. That is, I’ve never really gone in for polygamy. As a matter of personal taste. I can hardly keep up with one person in a romantic or sexual context, let alone several. Continue reading

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Golf and Marriage

HOWARD MEGDAL: It saddens me to hear Molly so down on marrying great golfers, considering the positively salacious sex lives many of the game’s greatest players still enjoy with their wives.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge, finally, that Tiger Woods may in fact have traversed outside the bounds of married fidelity. It seems too terrible to be true; and what it means for the rest of us, I dare not fathom. Continue reading

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