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Eric Holder and The Wire

AKIE BERMISS: When United States Attorney General Eric Holder not only mentioned but praised The Wire last week at a drug awareness event, you’d have though that the creator of that show would be happy to hear it. ¬†Grateful, maybe?…

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Review: Chicago Code

JESSICA BADER: I’m generally not a fan of the typical police procedural, with its alphabet-soup title, interchangeable cast, and soundstage sets that are supposed to be some gritty urban locale. When The Chicago Code premiered three weeks ago, I only watched the first episode on a whim, my interest piqued because the show was the brainchild of Shawn Ryan, who had been the executive producer of Lie To Me. I’m glad I did, because I immediately found myself hooked on a cop show that’s anything but typical. Continue reading

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HBO: Just another mediocre network/Still Not TV-HBO!

HBO’s best shows are long behind it.¬† Now the network needs to reclaim its big ambitions.

JEFF ELDRIDGE: It’s the static, predictable grousing of Nikki on Big Love.¬† It’s Tell Me That You Love Me‘s conflation of oral…

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