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In Briefs: The Rapture

CHRIS PUMMER: Anyone else have big plans for the rapture? I’m going to a White Sox game and might swing by for burgers at Kuma’s Corner. Don’t know if the rapture can rain out, but I’m worried the baseball might.

ZOE RICE: It’s Gary Keith and Ron event night! Guest bartenders. If I go out, it’s with Ron Darling pouring me a drink. Continue reading

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Election 2010: Personal Reflections

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: It’s a difficult time to be a Liberal of any kind in America right now. Most of us are in a very pensive mood, if not suicidal. There is a lot of sober reflection, and anger; a lot of heartbreak.

AKIE BERMISS: This past Wednesday morning reminded me oh-so-many things I thought I’d forgotten. I remember now the clear sense of sadness, impotence, and rage I felt when George W. Bush was elected in 2000 (I was just half a year shy of being eligible to vote). I remember the potent sense of unfairness I felt at Bush’s reelection in 2004. I remember the strange feeling of ennui that I had when, in 4th grade, we were forced to listen to Bill Clinton’s first inaugural address in class (I’d been a Perot defender at the time). All these mixed sorts of feelings of devastation. The sensation of having lost. But never before have I felt the urgency to go immediately back into the fray. Continue reading

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