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Arianna Huffington Vs. Bill Keller

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Bill? STFU. I didn’t even know who you were until I read your
editorial. Arianna? STFU. Your website has Justin Timberlake’s
breakup as a top headline.

AKIE BERMISS: Last week a brief news juggernaut conflagration heaved the blogosphere about for a day or so when the executive editor of the New York Times, Mr. Bill Keller, decided to write an opinion piece that cast aspersions on Arianna Huffington. My understanding is that they don’t really know each other. They’ve met in a business context, done some panels and interviews together, and are — obviously — aware of each other’s work. It was really only a boring, self-congratulatory opinion piece until Huffington decided to respond in kind from her HQ over at the HuffingtonPost. While its entertaining to see two news juggernauts lose all sense of composure and start lobbing grenades at each other — it really isn’t news. And it destroys any prestige we’d built up in our minds about what the executive editor of the New York Times — and other of his ilk — might be like. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Stuff You Do In/After College

HOWARD MEGDAL: Was any of this cool in college?


JEFF MORROW: Perhaps “8 Things You Imagined Might Be Cool in College Long Before You Ever Went to College That, on Graduating College, You are Now Quite Sure Aren’t Cool and Probably Never Were” didn’t make for a snappy title?

I do steal less now. Then again, I still have my IHOP coffee carafe, the best pilfered good of my college days, and remain at least a little proud of my ability to lift it.

CHRIS PUMMER: In that picture of Denny’s, there was no actual order of Moons Over My Hammy. So this is a complete fraud. Continue reading

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