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MLB Previews: Cardinals, Rays, Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals

The Rangers look like the best in the AL West by a slender margin. The Cardinals are close enough that they could win the NL Central. The Rays and Jays are taking different approaches, while the Nationals are bad. Very bad. Continue reading

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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Rangers have answered every question I have about them. And still, despite being the clearly inferior team, I think the Giants are going to win their first world championship since moving to San Francisco.

CHRIS PUMMER: I think they Giants will prove they are just as good as the Rangers when they win in seven games. Continue reading

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Liverpool Sold

HOWARD MEGDAL: Listen, Liverpool fans: I get it. You are rightly upset with the ownership of Hicks and Gillette.

But your anger toward Americans in general is clouding what a great gift the ownership of John Henry will be.

KAREN PATEL:I think the way that a minority of Liverpool fans directed their feelings of Tom Hicks and George Gillett were wrong – namely flag burning and inappropriate name calling relating to the two Texans’ country of birth. The way that Hicks and Gillett bled dry one of the most decorated football clubs in the world has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are American but unfortunately the actions of a few Liverpool fans has tarred the rest of us with the same brush. Continue reading

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MLB Playoffs: Day 1

ALDS: Rangers 5, Rays 1
This is why the Rangers gave up a pretty decent prospect for Cliff Lee. The lefty was as good as he’s been the last three years, striking out 10 and going seven…

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MLB Divisional Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL Here’s the secret about the Yankees: none of their biggest names had star-like seasons. Robinson Cano was the clear offensive leader, with his 142 OPS+, and guess who was second? Not A-Rod, not Teixeira, not Jeter certainly: Nick Swisher. And while he had a good season, his 130 OPS+ would have ranked sixth on the 2009 Yankees, just ahead of 2009 Swisher and 2009 Hideki Matsui.

MIKE CUMMINGS: My whole point about all this, and the only reason I got into this discussion in the first place, was to say that the entire Major League Baseball postseason is little more than a crapshoot. There, I said it. As such, I hereby defer my power of prognostication to my dog, Callie, who will pick the winner of each series based on which treat she picks out of which hand. Continue reading

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A Long-Term Deal for Josh Hamilton?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Josh Hamilton has been a great story. In 2010, he has been ludicrously great on the field, hitting .361/.414/.635. And yet, I wouldn’t consider giving him a long-term contract. The risk is too great, and the upside too limited.

CHRIS PUMMER: The Rangers are hoping to become the new boss in the American League West. The cost of finding another hitter as potent as Hamilton? Unless Adrian Gonzalez or Prince Fielder are so desperate to play in Texas that they’d take a third of the money they’ll be looking for, I don’t know that I see another clearly better option on the horizon. Continue reading

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Yankee Pitching: Enough for October?

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the extent to which the baseball playoffs are a sample-size nightmare, it is possible that the Yankees will use their offense to run over the competition. But to me, this team looks far more like the editions that fell short in October last decade, rather than last year’s world champions. And the reason for this is a simple one: lack of decent starting pitching.

CHRIS PUMMER: That a couple Yankee starters are posting inflated ERAs over the last two months is no reason for panic to set in before the playoffs. The situation is simply not that dire. Continue reading

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Mark Cuban, Not MLB Owner

HOWARD MEGDAL: As someone who writes about Major League Baseball, only one aspect of Mark Cuban failing to acquire the Texas Rangers fills me with anything besides sadness: there’s still a chance he’ll buy my favorite team.

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: Thank God I don’t have to listen to Mark Cuban’s antics regarding two teams now. I can barely handle him for basketball season. If he ruined my baseball season too, I swear I’d lose it. Continue reading

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The Cliff Lee Trade: Too Much?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Don’t get me wrong: as pitchers you can acquire for two-and-a-half months go, Cliff Lee is about the best there is. But the Rangers paid too much for a rental, and saved the Yankees from paying way too much for a rental.

CHRIS PUMMER: Six year’s from now, the Mariners’ side of the ledger might seem lopsided, but unless Lee gets hurt between now and November, it won’t be. Not only will the Rangers have taken their best shot at winning a World Series, but the team should go right back to building more long-term player value, starting by collecting the draft pick compensation they’ll receive should Lee leave for another team.

That’s part of the balancing act that most teams must complete if they’re going to win a title. And it’s why both sides look like winners in this trade. Continue reading

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Neftali Feliz: Closer?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Yes, this is about Neftali Perez, but it is also about Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Jenrry Mejia, and whichever other elite pitching prospects get moved to the bullpen next as short men.

Don’t do it.

CHRIS PUMMER: It’s possible the Rangers aren’t maximizing the long-term value they’ll get from Feliz. But then, that shouldn’t be their top priority.

Their top priority should be winning games, enough to win a division title. With a pressing need for a reliever, and an arm capable of filling that role, plugging Feliz in that spot is the correct decision. Continue reading

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