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Music Piracy

STEVE MURPHY: Record companies sue fans because record companies are stupid. That’s all I can think of. They have to be stupid. I could end this article right there, but I suppose I should explain why the RIAA is stupid.

DAVE TOMAR: Even before Napster and the lawsuits, the RIAA and the record companies had a serious problem on their hands. But it wasn’t just about changing technology. This was a problem of product. Let’s call it the Mouseketeer Syndrome. Continue reading

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Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the Year? Really?

CHRIS PUMMER: Bland with a backstory is the only thing that the old forms of big media are hocking these days. Probably because with so many folks tuning out, it’s the only thing left with a bankable profit margin. And that’s why Entertainer of the Year probably doesn’t mean what it did five years ago. For sure not what it did 10 or 20 years ago, when breaking through on TV and the pop charts meant you really reached everybody.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Taylor Swift winning AP Entertainer of the Year? There’s an app for that. It’s called Kanye West Continue reading

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SNL Week in Review: Taylor Swift

STEVE MURPHY: I love impressions of musicians, and some of these were damn good. Taylor Swift did a really accurate Shakira, in that it was horrid, Armisen’s Randy Newman impression was great, and Bill Hader did a hilarious (but too brief!) Eddie Vedder. Others fell a little short (Kenan), but overall this was enjoyable.

ZOË RICE: A strong end to the night. Fred Armisen’s Randy Newman was spot-on and made me laugh immediately. And I think Taylor Swift’s Shakira was one of her best acting bits of the night. Steve was definitely more impressed by her acting chops than I was. I say let the kid stick with musical humor and playing a teenager. And also she seems very nice.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think it’s more that I expected nothing from her, and she handled comedy pretty well with a week to rehearse. I think she could go that route if she wants to. Liked Shakira in particular. Continue reading

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