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Keeping Books vs. Getting Rid of Books

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: This will surprise no one, but I HATE moving. Particularly because I have a lot of stuff, but most particularly because I have a ton of books. So many books. Books from childhood, books from college. Books…

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Summer Camp Experiences

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Sheltered city-slicker that I was, the YMCA camp I attended when I was around eleven provided me with an endless supply of shocking adolescent wake-up calls—probably three times as many in one summer as usually happened during an entire school year.

AKIE BERMISS: I am a BIG proponent of summer camp experiences. I attended summer camp from the age of 5 until I was 17. We didn’t mess around about camping in my household. My older brothers camped every summer and apparently I made such a big stink of being left behind when I was four that my parents asked the YMCA camp that I attended for special dispensation so I could come a year early (the official starting age was six).

HOWARD MEGDAL: I have reasonably fond memories of my summer camp experiences at the JCC Camp in Medford, NJ, though like Molly, I didn’t care much for Instructional Swim. But the formative summers I spent at the CTY campuses of Skidmore College (’93 and ’94) and Dickinson College (’95, ’96) still loom as some of the best moments of my life.

DAVE TOMAR: Camp is a distant memory, a phantom that haunts only my dreams. It seems like it’s probably some kind of metaphor for the death of my childhood. Like, these recurring nightmares suggest I’m so dependent on modern conveniences like air-conditioning and window-screens that I’ve lost touch with the boy who romped recklessly through five summers of ultra-religious bucolic splendor. Continue reading

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Best Friends: Magnificient? Or Menace?

AKIE BERMISS: Say what you will about sex, drugs, money and fame — I think the greatest currency on the planet is friendship. You can’t get no where with out the stout support of your friends. Even horrible, psychotic criminals and terrorists have friends. People that they confide in, spend time with, and depend on. I guess in broad sense that could include quite a few people, but I think most of us have a discreet upper echelon of friends for whom all things are forgivable and with whom all things are better enjoyed. Those are our friends. Our good friends.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I was frankly terrified by the recent New York Times article which discussed ways in which parents and teachers are encouraging their children to be friends with “everyone” rather than having one particular best friend. Continue reading

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