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SNL: Ben Stiller/Foster the People

ZOË RICE: Timely, relevant, and funny. All good things! The most amusing bit comes early with Pedrad’s jab at Romney’s popularity, but SNL was right to include Moynihan’s Chris Christie. A strong open.

Love how this actually foreshadowed the Christie endorsement of Romney. And if we get a President Romney, Jason Sudeikis is very good- much better than Armisen’s Obama.
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Ken Burns’ The Tenth Inning

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’ve spent the past two days considering why, despite covering more recent territory, the latest edition of Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball felt more remote. And I think the answer is a change in the way he told the story.

THOMAS DELAPA: The extra inning of Ken Burns’ winning Baseball series felt less like a fall classic than a classic forties film noir: A foul sense of doom and gloom was ever lurking on-deck, despite the two decades of on-field drama and brilliant heroics. The lurking gloom, of course, was steroids, Major League Baseball’s crippling scandal that made the Black Sox cheaters look like bush leaguers.

STEPHON JOHNSON: We live in an era where everyone re-contextualizes an event within minutes of its occurence. Despite the obvious difficulties in painting a picture and telling a story, Burns succeeds with The Tenth Inning. Continue reading

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A-Rod’s Cousin: Blood is Thicker Than Water/Steroids Are Thicker Than Blood!


To refuse his cousin’s offer would have been unconscionably rude, not to mention weak, because it would have meant missing out on strength-building steroids.


MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Many years ago during a visit with family, my great-uncle told us…

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