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Strasburg’s All Star Snub in Retrospect

HOWARD MEGDAL: At the time of the All Star Game, I argued that Stephen Strasburg should have been included in the festivities. With the news that Strasburg is likely to have Tommy John Surgery, ending his season and throwing his future into question, I am surer than ever that he should have been a part of the 2010 NL team.

ZOË RICE: I would not have thought Stephen Strasburg and I had anything in common. But writing about him now, as I sit weakly on my couch, I realize we possibly do. This piece I’m writing was supposed to be the Perpetual Post op-ed essay to end all op-ed essays. I was going to rock your brain. Without doubt this was going to be an All-Star article, and even before it was written everyone was talking about it. They were writing articles about my unwritten article.

But then I went to the gym, and I worked out hard. Harder than I thought I would. And now I’m drained. I can barely type. My amazing, super-hyped TPP Strasburg piece is over before it barely had a chance to get going. See Stephen? I feel you. Continue reading

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MLB All Star Teams

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t have much issue with anything else said here. But my personal opinion is that the game is far worse off without Stephen Strasburg.

ZOË RICE: Howard, you and I are not on the same page here. In fact, our pages are in different chapters–mine at the beginning of the story, and yours at the end. Strasburg is a “pitcher of intense interest,” I agree–how could I not? But the All-Star game isn’t really a game for players merely of interest. It’s about players with proven, enduring success.

CHRIS PUMMER: There are a handful of poor selections here, but that’s the case every year. Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg’s Season Line?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like everyone else with eyes, I have been completely blown away by what I’ve seen from Stephen Strasburg. I wanted to look at his stats through four starts, however, and try to determine roughly what his season line will look like. This is merely an educated guess, of course, and there are very few parallels to cite when making such a prediction.

Through four games, Strasburg has pitched 25.1 innings, has a 1.78 ERA, has walked five and struck out 41. That was fun just to type, and I’m not even a Nats fan. Let’s compare him to even the most sensational phenoms through four starts. He comes out atop even such distinguished company. Continue reading

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