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SNL: Mick Jagger

ZOË RICE: I wasn’t happy to see “The Lawrence Welk Show,” on the screen, but this (likely final, given Wiig’s exit?) installment was better than most. I chalk it up to 1) Jon Hamm, and 2) Changing…

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SNL: Ben Stiller/Foster the People

ZOË RICE: Timely, relevant, and funny. All good things! The most amusing bit comes early with Pedrad’s jab at Romney’s popularity, but SNL was right to include Moynihan’s Chris Christie. A strong open.

Love how this actually foreshadowed the Christie endorsement of Romney. And if we get a President Romney, Jason Sudeikis is very good- much better than Armisen’s Obama.
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SNL: Russell Brand/Chris Brown

ZOË RICE: Jason Sudeikis is great, but impressions are just not his forte. This open dragged and elicited few laughs. Armisen’s expressions (“What the f…”) and the pop culture quiz provided the only respite.

True- they really didn’t have a great O’Reilly. He got the intellectual basics down, but didn’t inhabit him. Continue reading

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SNL: Paul Rudd/Paul McCartney

HOWARD MEGDAL: On the one hand, I like this concept as-written a lot. On the other, have you noticed that Armisen’s Obama hasn’t improved even a little? He really mailed this one in.

ZOË RICE: A clever concept that succeeded better than other political fare this season. But oy was the content depressing. Continue reading

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