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Mad Men: Christmas Waltz

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: Like every waltz, like every Joan and Don flirtation, like every brilliant episode of “Mad Men,” everything must eventually come to an end. This is an episode that I wanted to keep going and going until the tension from an anxious, embezzling Lane Pryce, a pissed off Megan, a visually jolting Hare Krishna Paul Kinsey, and a magical date with Joan and Don wrapped itself together and consumed me whole. This episode, “Christmas Waltz,” played with ideas of absurdity and comfort while testing the limits of every character at its forefront.

HOWARD MEGDAL: For all of Roger Sterling’s fantastic lines this season- and there have been what, 900 of them?-nothing will resonate with me this season quite as much as Joan’s perfectly executed “Surprise! There’s an airplane here to see you!” thrown at the receptionist who, let’s face it, was eventually getting something thrown at her by someone. Continue reading

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AKIE BERMISS: A few weeks ago, I could claim to be some what ambivalent about Wikileaks for at that time they’d only released a few bits of damning evidence, the drops seemed somewhat few and far between, and often the story of the particular way they came about getting whichever leak was much more interesting that the leak itself. I’d heard the name Julian Assange thrown around a bit and, when asked about it, I would mutter some ambiguous drivel about secrecy and government and so forth. But then we came to this last BIG leak (all the diplomatic cables) and maybe I was just paying a little more attention or maybe the full story of Wikileaks had come to a head, but I very quickly came to detest both Wikileaks and its founder, Assange, in no uncertain terms.

STEPHON JOHNSON: With Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, facing rape charges and generally being labeled public enemy number one, Americans and the western world over are screaming “off with his head!” Continue reading

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Blockbuster’s Demise

HOWARD MEGDAL: What a pleasure it is to see Blockbuster Video facing financial difficulties after the damage the company tried to do to the American public.

AKIE BERMISS: I say good riddance to Blockbuster Video. I used to love them when I was young, but like many things that the young love — it turned out Blockbuster actually sucked a whole hell of a lot. When I was in my early teens my younger sister and I would blow our entire weekly allowances at Blockbuster video on Saturday afternoons (after the chores were done). We really thought it was the best place to put our hard-earned cash. Oh what fools we were then!

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Growing up, I remember a time when my family used to fork over $4 to Blockbuster to rent a single movie—and if it was a new release, we only got to keep it overnight. I don’t know if this was the going rate everywhere, or regional pricing (we were, after all, in Manhattan, where you are charged an average of nine times what you would pay anywhere else for anything). But in any event, that’s what we paid to rent movies, year after year—not to mention the late fees. Do you know how it feels to return an overdue copy of Baby Boom and be told that you owe $28?
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Antimatter, and Anti-Antimatter

CHRIS PUMMER: Science doesn’t usually move quickly, because of red tape or just the years it takes to gather and evaluate data. Those are things you can’t speed up. But it would be nice if a wild pack of dweebs wouldn’t try to slow things down.

DAVE TOMAR: Now, I’m pretty well read. Whatever Oprah says, I do it. But I can’t remember where I saw that this is the type of phenomenon threatens to create a universal paradox which could rip a hole into the fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy life as we know it. Might’ve been from that movie Space Jam, which is a source for a lot of my information here. Anyway, I’ve been looking into this super-collider in Switzerland. All I can tell you about this thing is that it’s big . . . like, Tony Danza big. Continue reading

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