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Euro 2012 Draw in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: For me, the two storylines from Friday’s Euro 2012 draw were Groups A and B. Group B is the all-time, nastiest of the nasty, the one Group of Death to rule them all. Group A? Well, my rec league team could win Group A, and our median age is somewhere north of 40.
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Gold Cup: USA/Canada Thoughts, Ford Field Thoughts

MIKE CUMMINGS: After the disastrous game against Spain on Saturday, an easy win was exactly what the US wanted in its Gold Cup opener Tuesday night against Canada. And that’s exactly what the Yanks got. There were plenty of positives,…

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Diego Forlan: Player of the Year?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The votes are in for 2010′s player of the year. And the winner is… not Diego Forlan. Not according to World Soccer Magazine, not according to FIFA… no one had Forlan at or close to the top. This strikes me as a strange oversight.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I agree with all of this, but what I think we have here is a case of the Heisman Trophy voters rubbing off on their world soccer counterparts. In other words, the award went to the best player on the best team. Continue reading

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Barcelona’s Future

KIYAN SOBHANI: It’s far too early to judge any team, especially in La Liga which starts a little later than other leagues, with teams not nearly as prepared as they are in the EPL or Bundesliga by this time. People criticized Barcelona’s preseason loss against Sevilla in the first leg of the Copa Del Rey but it’s quite clear that Barca’s full team wasn’t there, while Sevilla’s was. Barcelona’s entire team was in the World Cup (fatigue?), and pretty much their whole team (The Spanish National Team) was away in Mexico City playing a meaningless friendly. The team that lost in Seville is one that won’t be seen again by Pep now that the starters are back.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Kiyan is right that the immediate future is bright at Barcelona, given the astounding amount of talent on hand. But permit me to sound a note of caution, given what we learned this summer about the extraordinary debt Barcelona is carrying. Continue reading

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World Cup Weekend Roundup

HOWARD MEGDAL (6/11, 6:10 PM): So the two first-day ties are being treated as equally shocking, but I don’t see them as remotely so. South Africa is the far bigger surprise here.

JASON CLINKSCALES (6/13, 10:00 PM): There are few things that I respect more in life, let alone sports, than when someone immediately takes ownership of a mistake under the big lights.

JASON CLINKSCALES (6/15 – 7:30 PM): Hard to not imagine what the rest of the world is saying: the boorish Americans are sounding off about the lack of scoring thus far. To be fair, it’s extremely difficult to score on this type of stage; each nation is fielding the crème-de-la-crème in terms of not just midfielders, but defenders as well.

JASON CLINKSCALES (6/16 – 1:30 PM): Switzerland’s win over heavily-favored Spain is already considered the biggest upset of the tournament and one of the biggest in recent memory. Yet, to call it scintillating would be an equally enormous stretch. Continue reading

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