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AKIE BERMISS: Just 99 days ago, I was regular person (like you, dear reader!). I laughed and cried and loved. I ate and slept and wondered. I listened to the radio, I paid my taxes, and I only drank cocktails after 5pm. Hell, I used to put my pants on one leg at a time. But just under 99 days ago, I joined foursquare — and things have never been the same since.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Here I was all prepared to bring some hateration down upon the pointy head of Foursquare. It IS stupid, and meaningless, and it encourages the culture of constant trivial oversharing and petty one-upmanship that I hate about social media sites these days. Continue reading

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Is Privacy Dead?

AKIE BERMISS: Privacy is not dead! Not by any means — to say so is to cry fire in a crowded theater. You see, the trouble is privacy COULD be dead at any moment. It takes only a few ideal conditions to be met and few of the wrong kinds of people to be at the helm when they do and suddenly: there’s no such thing as privacy. These days its not that privacy is dead, not even that its really become so much of a privilege either (for those who would argue that the wealthy and powerful are the only ones who can afford to maintain privacy) — but rather its become a responsibility. And for us here in America, that’s a new thing. Continue reading

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New Facebook Alternatives?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: So, about this new ‘Diaspora’ website….those kids have already raised $200k. People are so desperate to have a new social networking site that they will throw money at any group of geeky college students who say they’re working on a an alternative to Facebook, won’t they.

Here, give me $200k. I’ll come up with an alternative way to keep in touch with your friends on the computer. It’s called Email. It will launch in 3 months.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I have a telegraph machine wrapped in a poster of a robot! Continue reading

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Twitter Parenting

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Hey, Twitter ‘community’: How can you ask each other, ‘What are you doing right now?’ but not want to know when the answer is ‘mourning my dead child’? I mean, if it’s in 140 characters or less, what’s the problem?
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Facebook: Nuisance or Delicacy?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Facebook, You’re Killing Me Here

AKIE BERMISS: Face-to-Face; Um…Can We Just Be Friends? Continue reading

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