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SNL: Will Farrell/Usher

ZOË RICE: When Sudeikis leaves, I will miss his Biden. This was a fun vehicle to work in Will Farrell’s George Dubya. Enjoyable.

ZOË RICE: Farrell’s goofiness can pull off a lot, in this case the Mother’s Day monologue.…

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SNL: Eli Manning

ZOË RICE: The Fox News spoof wasn’t a home run, and it lagged a bit (with weirdly dated references, to Christmas trees for instance), but it was passable.

HOWARD MEGDAL: SNL’s Fox News problem is that it is consistently battling The…

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SNL: Josh Brolin/Gotye

ZOË RICE: One of the better GOP candidate opens this election season. Getting them away from the debate podiums helped. Fun scenario and good work by all.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Feels like Jay Pharoah’s impressions, to SNL, are frequent flier miles about to expire. Got to use them somewhere. Continue reading

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SNL Cast Changes

ZOË RICE: Although I will miss Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg when they leave SNL, the show itself will probably only really miss one of them. Continue reading

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SNL: Sofia Vergara/One Direction

ZOË RICE: An opener that captures Mitt Romney’s disingenuous pandering and the essence of his campaign woes. A chuckler more than a guffawer, but well done.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agreed. Perfectly fine, but doesn’t attach to any particular…

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ZOË RICE: Even having followed the Jeremy Lin craze only peripherally, this hit really well. A spoof on sportscasting, news puns, and even racial issues. Well done.

Can’t think…

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SNL: Channing Tatum/Bon Iver


ZOË RICE: I was utterly enchanted by this view of two years into the “future,” and I may have to use “May divorce be with you” in conversation somehow. I found it a…

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SNL: Daniel Radcliffe/Lana Del Rey

ZOË RICE: Howard asks for more Sudeikis as Mitt, and we get it. Howard, can you also ask for a #1 Mets starting pitcher? Sudeikis got the rigidity right, and Romney’s distance from the common man. The firing jokes were on point. A solid open.

HOWARD MEGDAL: This was a solid opener, and captured the zeitgeist of politics perfectly. SNL is hopefully getting its election year fastball back. Continue reading

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SNL: Charles Barkley/Kelly Clarkson

ZOË RICE: Santorum has been largely ignored by SNL, so to see him get his spoof due was welcome. Unfortunately the open was slowly paced and not really funny until the last moments.

HOWARD MEGDAL: There’s some kind of value-added for me, though, having one of the Jewier people you’ll ever see playing Santorum. You’re hyper-aware at every moment that this isn’t Santorum, in a Chevy Chase-as-Ford kind of way. Continue reading

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SNL: Jimmy Fallon/Michael Buble

ZOË RICE: A thinly veiled metaphor – an alumni hero is back in town, and the cast is letting him in through the back door to party. I think it’s apropos to open with a nostalgic sketch,…

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