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Campbell’s Sharia

ALLISON REILLY: This “controversy” only demonstrates that Islamophobes have absolutely nothing better to do. First, this story broke an entire eight months after Campbell’s started making Halal-certified soups. Second, the certified soups were introduced in the Canadian market, and are not found on U.S grocery shelves. Third, there are other soup brands to choose from besides Campbell’s, for those who feel offended and trampled upon. Continue reading

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Sharia Law and Extremism on the Right

JEFF MORROW: Anti-Muslim sentiment in American political discourse has grown increasingly mainstream, and it’s one of the few things in politics that we should be comparing to 1930s Germany.

ALLISON REILLY: The direction the discourse is going is a dangerous one. The current one direction is one towards living in fear and scapegoating our problems on innocent parties just so there’s something tangible and visible to blame. This is why those of us who see through all the rhetoric need to speak up and to speak the truth about these ridiculous claims. Continue reading

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