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Bert And Ernie: Marriage Material?

AKIE BERMISS: My position on same-sex marriage has — I’m proud to say — been the same for over 20 years. Even an eight year-old armed with basic 2nd Grade logic can tell you that if marriage is a taken alone as a state of legality of two persons AND that if two persons of the same gender being together isn’t illegal THAT same-sex marriage is a no-brainer as far as legality goes. Sure, there are some messy issues where religious faiths are concerned but, even being brought up Baptist I never understood why faithful people have so little strength of character that they feel people doing things differently from them is an assault on their beliefs. I never felt that two men getting married in my country was somehow a denigration of the institution of marriage. After all, marriage is not simply a matter of religious belief, but also legal status. Some people go in for both. Some do not. And there can be no question, to my mind, in a country founded on liberty and intellectual freedom (among other things) as to whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal. And, as such, I agree that it is quite possibly the defining civil rights legacy of the current era.

That said, there are times when even an honest and noble platform can be taken too far.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like a set of parents determined to inflict a chocolate fountain on helpless guests, those who share my view that same-sex marriage should be the law of the land have nevertheless gone too far by proposing that Bert and Ernie marry. I feel this way not because I oppose their union, or because I think it is silly for puppets to marry.

I object because no one has asked them if they even want to. Continue reading

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Katy Perry’s Breasts and Sesame Street

KATE KOWSH: Admittedly, Katy’s Perries were kind of on display during her recent controversial play date with Elmo. But did it really need to become issue number one on the shit list in the national conversation on decency standards for children? Perry didn’t strap on a pair of letter ‘p’-shaped pasties and straddle the Sesame Street pole. She wore a costume. Yes, it was revealing. But she looked lovely.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Katy Perry’s attire on Sesame Street couldn’t be considered traditional, I fail to see why it should cause any more consternation than if she arrived on set wearing a funny hat. Continue reading

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Sesame Street at 40

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: Growing up, we were a household that didn’t have cable, and my television intake was pretty heavily PBS programming. At the time I was jealous of my friends with Nickelodeon who could watch things like Pinwheel, but in retrospect, I am far better off for having focused on the piece de resistance of children’s programming, Sesame Street.

JESSICA BADER: It’s hard to describe exactly the impact that Sesame Street had on my childhood. I could point out some of the elements that are among everyone’s favorites – Rubber Duckie, each show being brought to you by this letter or that number, that classic theme song. I could go for the bits and pieces that are among my personal favorites – Monsterpiece Theater (hosted by “Alistair Cookie”!), the Christmas Eve on Sesame Street special (“Feliz Navidad” was always a festive singalong in my Jewish household), the beloved Big Bird’s Day on the Farm book. I could talk about how the overall message of the show reinforced the importance of learning and asking questions and being kind to others. In any event, the celebration of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary has me looking back at the show that I grew up with and revisiting a fantastic book about it that was published last year.
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