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Christine O’Donnell and Witchcraft

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: The Huffington Post noted last week that Wiccans are not particularly pleased with Christine O’Donnell’s “witchcraft” comments, particularly her allusion to the “questionable folks” she may or may not have hung out with in high school.

ALLISON REILLY: True, O’Donnell’s comments and past involving witchcraft aren’t worth the media hype it’s received. And true, they probably won’t mean anything to her political career in the long run. But as someone who lived with a Wiccan for two years, the definition of Wicca and its differentiation from Satanism and witchcraft must be specified. Continue reading

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Toomey Or Not Toomey

CHRIS PUMMER: While Pennsylvanians have strong strains of conservatism, they are overall moderate and pragmatic. Patt Toomey appears to be neither of those thing, preferring instead to brand himself as an extreme conservative ideologue.

Chris’s analysis of Pennsylvania is spot-on. But that is merely the playing field, and other dynamics point to Pat Toomey having a far better shot than he typically would- in 2010, Toomey may indeed have a friend in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

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