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CT-Senate Roundup

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the news of Senator Joe Lieberman’s retirement, it is time for Democrats to dream. Sure, Chris Murphy looks to be the early leader. But a Senate seat with Ted Kennedy Jr., Keith Olbermann or even Alec Baldwin would feel like karmic payback for the nonsense liberals put up with from Joe Lieberman lo these past few decades. Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman: Hero?

JESSICA BADER: At this time last year, when the legislative grudge match du jour in the Senate was health care reform, the mere mention of Joe Lieberman’s name was enough to make me tense up and start muttering under my breath. What a difference a year makes. In the waning days of the 111th Congress, another key liberal goal left simmering from the last time Democrats controlled both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue was finally realized, and on this Lieberman was not a speedbump but a driving force. As odd and disconcerting as it feels, today Joe Lieberman is a progressive hero.

Like Jessica, I think Joe Lieberman should be commended for his work in bringing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal in for a safe Senate landing. But let’s not get hysterical here: when Patty Murray, head of the DSCC, sits down with Lieberman, it should be to let him know the Democrats will be supporting someone else in Connecticut’s 2012 Senate election. Continue reading

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Olympia Snowe Party Switch: Worth It?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Rumors are circulating that Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine may be contemplating a switch to the Democratic Party, or may be being wooed to do so. Unfortunately, I suspect the Dems would simply be getting another Blue Dog who was less helpful than otherwise.

JESSICA BADER: While it’s interesting to speculate about what would happen if Olympia Snowe switched parties, it’s pretty much an academic exercise. In fact, I’d be shocked if any member of Congress were to switch parties over the next two years. Continue reading

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Policy Watch: Lame Duck, and 112th Congress

JESSICA BADER: Most of the discussion of the upcoming lame duck session of Congress has focused on the prospects of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts. While those are both very important issues, there’s a lot more to the waning days of the 111th Congress.

JEFF MORROW: When Congress reconvenes, the House will be Republican and the Senate Democratic. But despite fears of gridlock, divided government can work. Whether this one does will depend on whether Republicans truly own their stake in government or bide their time for 2012. Even if the outlook for a bipartisan breakthrough isn’t very good, there’s at a chance that the 112th Congress won’t be any less effective than the 111th. Continue reading

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Christine O’Donnell: A Witch? You? Me?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Christine O’Donnell’s revelatory advertisement advising that “I am you” cast a bright and often unforgiving light on my life to date.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: If there’s one thing I am not, it’s politically savvy. Still, even I knew there was something fishy about Christine O’Donnell’s recent “I’m Not A Witch” ad. For one thing, it’s a given that any time a politician stares directly into a camera and makes a definitive statement, from “I am not a crook” or “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” to “Read my lips”—you know that the truth is going to actually be the opposite of what they’re saying. Continue reading

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Breaking Down the Generic Ballot, Tax Cuts

JESSICA BADER: With the midterm elections less than six weeks away, each new batch of polls brings on another round of analysis, and those digging through the numbers try to make the polls fit their analysis just as much as…

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Obama’s Second Stimulus and Election 2010

HOWARD MEGDAL: On Friday morning, President Obama displayed more than just the strong grasp of the facts involved regarding the critical issues in American life today. He made it clear, in language crisper than previously deployed, that there is a strong case for keeping the House and Senate in Democratic hands.

CHRIS PUMMER: While the electoral math might be a simple as bad economy = kick the incumbent bums out, it might give a lot of independent voters pause if they aren’t sure that swallowing the bitter medicine the GOP is offering won’t really cure the illness — and might just make it worse. Continue reading

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Dems Going For It In Alaska?

JESSICA BADER: Should Joe Miller prevail over Lisa Murkowski once all of the absentee ballots are counted, this is absolutely a race that national Democratic groups should prioritize. Alaska is a much less expensive media market than most of the other states with contested Senate races this November (the roughly half a million dollars that the Tea Party Express spent on Miller during the primary race is a big deal by Alaska standards), and only New York and Hawaii have higher rates of union membership.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I certainly agree with what Jessica said above, but there is a larger point to be made as well, I think. No election is in the bag- these parties owe it to themselves to have the best possible candidates, given the uncertainties of politics. Continue reading

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Letter to Harry Reid

HOWARD MEGDAL: Dear Harry Reid, I just wanted to thank you for weighing in by opposing the Ground Zero Mosque that is neither at Ground Zero nor a mosque. As a Jew to a Mormon, I can’t imagine creating a climate of religious intolerance can come back to bite either of us! Bravo.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Dear Harry Reid: Despite the massive uptick in patients visiting our local hospital complaining of right-sided whiplash after your mosque-related comments, I absolutely could not agree more with your statement that the “Ground Zero” “mosque” should be built “someplace else.” In fact, as a Wiccan Shaman Druid who is New Age through and through, I believe I speak for all my siblings in Gaia when I say that Park 51 – like all other places of actual or potential worship – should be built “someplace else.” Continue reading

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Rand Paul: What Now?

JESSICA BADER: I don’t think the Civil Rights Act flap will directly hurt Paul much in his quest to succeed Jim Bunning – Paul’s senatorial ambitions are more likely to be directly hurt by other comments he has made. That being said, I could easily see the Civil Rights Act controversy hurting the GOP outside of Kentucky.

DAN SZYMBORSKI; Rand Paul getting the nomination is definitely one of the weirder things in recent years, no doubt reinforcing the notion that we are going to be witnessing one of the strangest election cycles in memory. Continue reading

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