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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Week 7 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER Maybe Larry David should have stayed in LA. Week 7 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”‘s Season 8 fell dangerously short in comparison to previous episodes of the season. Between the hackneyed plot of Rosie O’Donnell and Larry trying to win the heart of a bi-sexual woman, Jane, and the thoroughly L.A.-looking people and interior shots trying to pass as authentically New York, I found myself wanting more. The return of Leon certainly warranted a groan from the living room I was watching this episode in, and I get the feeling that it echoed across living rooms everywhere. Stories stopped and started all over this episode, and none of them seemed up to par with the typical Larry David antics that we have come to enjoy and cringe at.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Ultimately, I came down on the complete opposite side from Sonia on this one. As I expressed to her via email, she’s probably right. But I absolutely loved this episode. Continue reading

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Curb Your Enthusiasm, Week 6 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER Our heroes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” are right where we left them last episode: on an airplane, eating Pinkberry, ready to take off into the skies and land in old New York. With the impending skyline in the distance, things seem to be looking up for Larry. Yet, what was interesting about Episode 6 of Season 8 was that Larry, “The Hero,” (as this episode is titled) hasn’t really changed or developed much outside of location and circumstance. Larry seems to be playing his surroundings, and the happenings within them, to his benefit without actually changing his outlook, his cynicism, or his chutzpah. Yet what we ultimately see is a faulty lionheart trying to negotiate new life and New York.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Ultimately, this episode felt a bit dissonant. Things like the waiter, the argument with the coachy woman, even the courtship/breakup with the hero worshipper, none of it felt coherent in the usual Curb Your Enthusiasm way. Continue reading

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Week One in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: The final image that we see at the end of Season 7 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is Larry and Cheryl, finally reunited after considering separating. They play, they flirt, they revert back to their banter, the “Seinfeld” reunion that “Curb” staged finishes in freeze frame, and all is right with the world. The much anticipated Season 8 of “Curb” picks up where Larry and Cheryl leave off, but throws us for a loop, and then another loop, and then we get stuck in the loop and don’t quite know where to jump off, and then the episode ends, abruptly and chaotically. Eh. Okay. But where was the heart from the previous seasons? Why did Larry look like he was trying too hard for a gag? Did Cheryl have work done? I didn’t feel that warm, excited, exclusive feeling of being able to bear witness to the outrageous happenings in the life of Larry David. I felt, instead, like I was intruding.

HOWARD MEGDAL: There’s little question that Season 8 began without the uplifting message that ended Season 7. One can imagine Larry David laughing at all of us for thinking he’d simply given into the idea professed by Woody Allen at the end of Annie Hall that we try to make things work out in art that haven’t in life, knowing he’d be slamming us with this divorce episode in a year.

But we don’t watch Curb, I don’t think, for uplifting. We watch it to see the social criminals get their comeuppance. And this season promises to do more of just that, with the season opener filled with promise for future plot points as well. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Week 10 in Review

KIP MOONEY:: This was yet another standout episode for Ty Burrell, who should win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy at the Emmys next year. Who else would so proudly wear what is clearly a girl’s zippered hoodie and not think a thing about it, but then put his Blackberry in his mouth mid-conversation to throw it away once he actually sees a girl wearing it?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agree with Kip: each of the storylines worked this week.

To me, Phil’s relationship with Dylan has always been a strong one, and exploring it further only mined it for comedy gold. Also, the silent ditching of the sweater was perfectly executed. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Week 5 in Review

HOWARD MEGDAL: Tremendous episode, with all three storylines managing to work (without the need to tied them to one another).

KIP MOONEY: This week’s episode is clearly the best, most consistent, most uproarious this season. I haven’t laughed this hard, this much at any program in the last six months.
Continue reading

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TV Theme Songs: Sometimes you get a feeling like you need some kind of change/The best is ready to begin

Evolution is not always a good thing. Case in point: the sad decline of the television theme. Whether for a sitcom, a drama, or a sports event, producers used to expend considerable effort trying to craft the…

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