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MLB Previews: Phillies, Pirates, Padres, Giants, Mariners

The Phillies and Giants look like repeat division winners, while the Pirates and Mariners look like they’ll continue their runs as bottom-feeders. The Padres aren’t likely to catch lightning in a bottle again. Continue reading

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The Downfall of the Mariners

MIKE SILVA: The Seattle Mariners offense has been bad. So bad that every National League team has outscored them. Going into games of August 10th, the M’s have averaged 3.25 runs per game. At that pace, they will score 527 runs which will be the fewest for an American League team since Detroit scored 591 in 2003. That year the Tigers nearly broke the Mets’ record for losses in a season when they went 43-119.

CHRIS PUMMER: Perhaps going all-in on defense was the best way to go into this season, given the personnel and resources the Mariners had on hand. But the swings in defensive performance can be so wild from year to year, it wasn’t worth banking the team’s postseason hopes upon it. Continue reading

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The Cliff Lee Trade: Too Much?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Don’t get me wrong: as pitchers you can acquire for two-and-a-half months go, Cliff Lee is about the best there is. But the Rangers paid too much for a rental, and saved the Yankees from paying way too much for a rental.

CHRIS PUMMER: Six year’s from now, the Mariners’ side of the ledger might seem lopsided, but unless Lee gets hurt between now and November, it won’t be. Not only will the Rangers have taken their best shot at winning a World Series, but the team should go right back to building more long-term player value, starting by collecting the draft pick compensation they’ll receive should Lee leave for another team.

That’s part of the balancing act that most teams must complete if they’re going to win a title. And it’s why both sides look like winners in this trade. Continue reading

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American League West Division Preview

Last Year’s Final Standings
Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics Continue reading

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2010-2013 Phillies Outlook

CHRIS PUMMER: I think it’s still hard to say the Phillies aren’t a better team right now going into 2010 and 2011 than they would be without Roy Halladay.

For me, the odd part about dealing for and signing Roy Halladay is the unnecessary risk involved. Continue reading

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Baseball Winter Meetings Reaction: Day 3

Perpetual Post authors analyze and discuss the rumors and transactions from the MLB Winter Meetings. Continue reading

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Early-Season Achiever Smackdown: Royals OR Mariners?

JESSICA BADER: The Royals’ current record is not a fluke. Through their first 32 games, they have a run differential of +27, behind only the Toronto Blue Jays (+50) in the AL, and their Pythagorean record is one game better than their actual record.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Instead of evaluating how real the wins and losses are, I like to see which stat lines are incongrous with what can be reasonably expected over the remainder of the season. By this standard, unfortunately, I think the Royals are due to fall well short of their early success, much as I hope I am wrong. It is the Seattle Mariners who have ample reason for optimism, building on a solid 16-16 start. Continue reading

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