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SNL Alec Baldwin/Radiohead

ZOË RICE: I don’t love myself for laughing at Taran Killam’s Huntsman-does-Chinese-restaurant gag, but I did, and more than “little bit.” Entertaining opener to the season, with Wiig starting her year off strong as Bachmann.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Across the board, this really captured the essence of the GOP debates. Well done here. Continue reading

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The Good Guys Season Premiere

JESSICA BADER: I started watching The Good Guys this summer when FOX aired a handful of episodes on Monday nights. The show is now on the fall schedule, with the remainder of the first season airing on Fridays. It’s a tough timeslot for a new show that hasn’t had time to develop an audience yet, but those who do tune in are likely to enjoy it.

AKIE BERMISS: I’m in hearty agreement with Jessica, The Good Guys is a show for people who like to watch some unchallenging, humorous television. It is most assuredly not a show for those of us who are looking for the next big thing or the best young actors. Its a run-of-the-mill spoofy crime show. If you don’t mind silly — you’ll laugh yourself silly.

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Season Premiere: Glee

ZOË RICE: I have a feeling I’ll need at least a dozen exclamation points to get my thoughts across about Glee’s second season premiere. Because what we loved most from the first season has remained, and yet somehow a hit series has managed to add several new characters without striking an off note. New main characters! On a hit show! And they’re awesome! Just when you thought you’d be downloading another Rachel Berry-helmed Gleetastic rendition from iTunes, the game just might be changing. Get your harmony ready.

JESSICA BADER: I, too, was very happy for the return of Glee (although for the sake of my credit card bill, I am not downloading any renditions – Rachel Berry-led or otherwise – from iTunes until the tracklist for the first album of the season comes out). Kicking things off with Jacob’s vlog was brilliant – a great way to catch us up on what the New Directions crew was up to over the summer while jumping right back into the irreverent tone that makes the show’s sillier moments tolerable. “Empire State of Mind” had me grinning ear-to-ear, as did Rachel’s self-delusion over the prospect of Sunshine joining the club (I don’t think I had heard someone so thoroughly believe their self-serving rationalizations since Roger Clemens testified at that Congressional hearing). Continue reading

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