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NY-26: What It Means

JESSICA BADER: It’s tempting to look at the special election in New York’s 26th congressional district as the mirror image of the special election for a Senate seat in Massachusetts a little over a year ago. There are surface similarities – shortly after a party-line vote on a bill that would have a major impact on the health-care system, the majority party loses an open-seat special election in a state or district that’s usually safe. But even a cursory glance beneath the surface reveals significant differences.

CHRIS PUMMER: No matter what the circumstances that make the special election in NY-26 unique, the GOP was bound to walk away with egg on its face having to defend a U.S. House seat in a race that shouldn’t have been competitive. Continue reading

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SNL: Jon Hamm/Michael Bublé

ZOË RICE: I had been looking forward to what SNL would do with the State of the Union! Every time I see Biden and Pelosi behind the President, I immediately think of Sudeikis and Wiig, and here yet again they’re just funny there in the background, gesticulating. I thought it was a solid open, with good use of senator reaction shots to enhance the laughs. Of course the healthcare bit at the end was kind of depressing, but the Martha Coakley jokes and the gags about how the Bushes left the White House were chucklers.
STEVE MURPHY: I agree with Zoe, this was a “chuckler.” A couple little jokes, a couple funny reaction shots… but nothing got knocked out of the park in this sketch. I was ready for it to end long before it did.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Awfully scattershot. When Al Franken wrote SNL political sketches, they had clear targets and an underlying understanding of political realities. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shake my fist at some children on my front lawn. Continue reading

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MA-Sen: What Happened, and What Now?

HOWARD MEGDAL: You’re going to hear, over and over, for the next ten months, that Barack Obama had something to do with Martha Coakley’s shocking loss to Scott Brown in the race to succeed Ted Kennedy Tuesday night.
Don’t you believe it.

JESSICA BADER: I’m sure that at least some pundits will (if they haven’t done so already) remark on the “irony” that Ted Kennedy’s death may have indirectly taken his most cherished cause to the grave with him. As long as the freakout among Congressional Democrats can be contained, those pundits will be proven wrong.

CHRIS PUMMER: If House Democrats muster the votes to pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill — which is looking like the only way it will happen now — then Coakley’s loss isn’t as devastating in practice as it appears to be optically right now. Continue reading

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