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Emotions behind the Ryan Howard Deal and Paul Konerko

DAVE TOMAR: At the risk of being eaten alive by those with the mathematical wherewithal to know better, I am too sentimental to hate this deal. Quite to the contrary, I don’t see another way to keep Ryan Howard in a Phillies uniform. This is, of course, assuming that a team might desire to retain the services of the most prolific RBI and HR hitter in the game’s last five years. To me, this is a no-brainer. Such is to say that using none of my brain and most of my heart, I can’t help but view Howard’s presence as one of the engines that drives the championship machine.

CHRIS PUMMER: While I’m not ready to say that sentiment was worth the premium Philly paid above and beyond what Howard is worth, I’m also not ready to say that it’s without value. Continue reading

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The Value of Spring Training

ZOË RICE: For the past week or so, I have glutted myself on Mets’ spring training reports. I wasn’t able to go in person, but I’ve been glued to Twitter, blogs, and SNY. I’ve seen about a hundred pictures from Port St. Lucie, at least a dozen videos, and heard every report on Jose Reyes’s health, or how Oliver Perez looks in bullpen sessions, or how Jeff Francoeur is the happiest, most positive person in the world, or how Jason Bay is already fitting in, or how good first round prospect Ike Davis looks, or what Daniel Murphy and Mike Jacobs look like at first…trust me, the list goes on.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: Once you strip away the overwrought prose, Spring Training is really boring. Wake me up at the end of March.

JASON CLINKSCALES: Yes, hope springs eternal, but that’s mostly for the teams that have had little hope in recent years. For the teams that play for the here and now, however, you can’t help but to think that spring training feels more like extended calisthenics and glorified batting practice. Either way, there’s still value, though, in the thirty games for these squads, just not so much for the fans.

JESSICA BADER: As recently as a couple of years ago, I devoured every morsel of spring training coverage as though it were a four-star restaurant’s finest offering and I had subsisted on bread and water for the previous three and a half months. Now I’m just another cranky grump wishing I could fast-forward to Opening Day. What happened?

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2010-2013 Phillies Outlook

CHRIS PUMMER: I think it’s still hard to say the Phillies aren’t a better team right now going into 2010 and 2011 than they would be without Roy Halladay.

For me, the odd part about dealing for and signing Roy Halladay is the unnecessary risk involved. Continue reading

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Dodgers or Phillies?

HOWARD MEGDAL: From the moment Philadelphia’s starting pitcher exits the game, excitement and fear will course through every Phillies’ fan, and justifiably so. Some are picking the Dodgers because of this flaw. But I like the Phillies in the NLCS because their starting pitching, offense and defense is good enough to overcome their bullpen.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: The difference in this series comes down to what Casey Stengel knew best: the platoon advantage. LA has the lefties it needs to neuter (or at least bring down to size) Philly’s big bats. Continue reading

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Adam Dunn: Undervalued by Teams/Overvalued by Stat-Savvy fans

Adam Dunn is the bargain no team should ignore.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When I saw this piece in The Washington Post (okay, saw it in MLBTradeRumors.com citing The Washington Post), I understood that the phrase…

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