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Huffington Post’s Good News Section

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I like the idea of a Good News section in the newspaper. I feel like that’s what People Magazine kind of used to be about? Inspiring stories about people who weren’t famous? But it’s turned into 10% that, and 90% celebrity wedding photos and Teen Mom scoops.

ZOË RICE: My relationship with the news changed ten years ago, in the aftermath of September 11th. A downtown New Yorker in the thick of it all, I needed a balanced portrait of what was happening in my backyard and an objective viewpoint of world goings-on. Instead, I got the kind of scare-mongering that promoted ratings. By the time “It’s Anthrax!!!” became a daily warning from my local news, I wiped my hands of it and decided that from now on I’d be combing headlines with the same eye I used to evaluate entertainment – no mind-numbing Housewives or Jersey Shoreites. And no alarmist exaggerating from my formerly trusted news sources. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Robots Vs. Zombies

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: So, robots have been developing a language to talk to each other in. It’s been nice knowing all of you:

CHRIS PUMMER: Having seen The Terminator, this is something I was afraid of when I bought a Roomba.

AKIE BERMISS: i don’t care about machines talking to each other. that’s cool. they probably won’t gang up on us until they are able to talk to *us* and see how lame and petty we are. then: its on.
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