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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 15 — “Heart Broken”

KIP MOONEY: In relationships, sometimes you have to try new things. You’ve got to break up the routine, do a little role-playing or be totally spontaneous.

And so it was with this week’s episode of Modern Family. Not just with…

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Downton Abbey: Week 6

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: An intense two hour episode of “Downton Abbey” rarely leaves much to the imagination when all questions are asked and answered without much lull in between. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t love every minute of this episode, but oy veh, is this emotional roller coaster exhausting!

ZOË RICE: The pacing of this week’s two-hour whirlwind left little room to breathe. So much action keeps a viewer utterly engaged. But from another point of view, it also robs us of the kind of slower progression that allows for heightened suspense and a savoring that only comes when a drama series makes you earn its tastiest moments.

MICHAEL CUMMINGS: Much better. Much, much better. Love stories were advanced, an in-the-way character died, affairs were narrowly avoided, the annoying long-lost presumptive heir nobody cared about stayed away (hopefully for good), and everybody’s favorite nice-guy walked bravely to his arrest. All in all, it was an outstanding week, but one minor detail keeps nagging me: How old is everyone?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The conclusion of Season 2- from what I understand, this coming finale is really a separate, Christmas at Downton aired later over in Great Britain- had the pacing problems Zoë mentioned for me as well. That said, there was so much to like, and I am greatly saddened at the idea that Downton is coming to a close for now.
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Online Dating Study

AKIE BERMISS: We’re all very sensitive about what makes us attractive, aren’t we? As a pretty average looking guy (or less-than, depending who you ask!) I’ve always been pretty curious about what an attractive woman could possibly be seeing that would make her want to be with me. Especially with so many better-dressed, better-shaped, better-acting candidates available. I suppose there are all sorts of prickly issues there if you’re talking about male attractiveness in our patriarchal society with a heteronormative bias. Nevertheless, I manage to find admirers somehow. Yet a recent article on Jezebel.com has me reconsidering what I may or may not have been doing right. The article uses female pictures on a popular online dating sight to create an algorithm that correlates levels of beauty to levels of interest from men. And the results are kind of weird.

ZOË RICE: Good gracious, OK Cupid Blog. Do you know how long it took for me to be able to look at a photo of myself and think, “Hey, that’s cute”? “Cute” was that lofty goal throughout my adolescent years and even my blossoming early 20′s. And then I got there. I got to cute! And now you’re telling me that’s not good enough? OK Cupid, are you trying to make us all neurotic freaks?
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Modern Family: Episode in Review

KIP MOONEY: Now we’re cookin’ with gas. All my worst fears from last week about Modern Family going too soft were alleviated this week with “The Kiss.” Simply put, this is the series’ best episode since “Benched” last spring. The real breakout here is Jesse Tyler Feguson (Mitchell), who has never been this funny, period. His reactions to Eric Stonestreet (Cam) were a brilliant mix of sarcastic and flabbergasted. See, Mitch doesn’t like being affectionate with Cam in public, even to the point of high-fiving him at a New Year’s Eve party. It all leads to a tender but relevant moment: the revelation that the patriarch (Ed O’Neill) is loving but not very affectionate, just like his old man.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Totally agree with Kip, but I think it is worth adding the depth we saw from Jay (Ed O’Neill) in this episode. Continue reading

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Best Friends: Magnificient? Or Menace?

AKIE BERMISS: Say what you will about sex, drugs, money and fame — I think the greatest currency on the planet is friendship. You can’t get no where with out the stout support of your friends. Even horrible, psychotic criminals and terrorists have friends. People that they confide in, spend time with, and depend on. I guess in broad sense that could include quite a few people, but I think most of us have a discreet upper echelon of friends for whom all things are forgivable and with whom all things are better enjoyed. Those are our friends. Our good friends.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I was frankly terrified by the recent New York Times article which discussed ways in which parents and teachers are encouraging their children to be friends with “everyone” rather than having one particular best friend. Continue reading

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Calling After the First Date

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Lately it seems as though a lot of women I love and respect have been prefacing statements with, “I’m not a feminist, but—“. This tends to make me mad, because the statements they’ve prefacing are usually about how women deserve to be treated equally, which, to me, is what feminism is essentially about.

AKIE BERMISS: Maybe I’m not the person who should be writing this. I don’t date well. I get alternately mildly talkative/anxious and viscious/untalkatively bored. I hate dates. I hate the idea of coming home from a day of work, getting showered and cleaned up and heading back out. I don’t like the whole trip on trying to keep things interesting. Dinner and movie is too dull? Can’t just go to a bar with live music?! Stroll in the park is a bit overdone (especially when you’re surrounded by other couples on their “romantic” walks). Yes, I’m awkward and unkempt and I don’t like crowds.

Let’s put this as simply as possible: what are you trying to date for? If the answer is anything significant, relationship-wise, let your emotions, not some ever-changing set of rules, be your guide. Continue reading

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Marriage Expectations

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I sometimes wonder whether a lot of people have extremely high expectations for their romantic relationships, which may be contributing to the higher divorce rate. I’m not going to say that there aren’t a LOT of other factors contributing to it. But I kind of feel like movies and television shows have given us weird skewed expectations/unrealistic ideas about what marriages should be like. Plus, when you get right down to it, people don’t like to talk about their marriages a lot in my experience.

EMILY SAIDEL: I propose that that the gap between relationship fantasy and relationship reality is new, in the sense of the last hundred years, and that it is linked to the proliferation of mass media. Continue reading

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