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Silver Linings Playbook

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: How to put this gently… “Silver Linings Playbook” is a film that, for me, had enormous potential. With an A-list cast, a colloquial script, and a hand-held camera used to capture the intimate neuroses of a middle-class family in Philadelphia, there were moments of genuine enthusiasm and struggle. The film followed the family’s process of accepting one of their sons, Pat (Bradley Cooper), home from a psychiatric institution. The beauty of this film lies in the dynamics and layered dialogue of the central family, who prepare for each Eagles games with a series of good-luck rituals to keep up the juju while noshing on “crab snacks and homemades.” You seriously felt like you were in this family’s house, sharing their joy and anguish over everything from Hemingway to heartbreak. Yet, what seriously tarnished what otherwise was a current and down-to-earth film was the distorted and gut-wrenching representation of its women. Continue reading

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Film Review: Machete

LAURA ROBERTS: Not to give away the ending, but I’m pretty sure Machete will, in fact, be followed by Machete Kills! and Machete Kills Again! Not necessarily because Machete is such a brilliant movie, but because the world loves revenge films and the superheroic bad-asses who helm them.
THOMAS DELAPA: Of Machete, director Robert Rodriguez recently told Entertainment Weekly, “If this thing makes five bucks, we’ll make another one.”
Whatever way you slice it, that pretty much sums up Rodriguez’s career as one of postmodern Hollywood’s schlock jocks. Continue reading

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