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SNL: Eli Manning

ZOË RICE: The Fox News spoof wasn’t a home run, and it lagged a bit (with weirdly dated references, to Christmas trees for instance), but it was passable.

HOWARD MEGDAL: SNL’s Fox News problem is that it is consistently battling The…

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State of Chris Brown

Jocelyn Hoppa: During the Grammy’s, as Chris Brown accepted his first award, a flood of Twitter comments came from various people I follow, most with the hash tag “#neverforget” following various jokes and/or outright dismay that he would be granted an award after being in the public eye for beating Rihanna’s face to a black-and-blue pulp.

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Rihanna’s New Music Video

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Just so you know for next time, Rihanna, you’re allowed to take some creative license when you make a music video. Just because the lyrics of the song you’re singing describe shooting a man down in a train station, doesn’t mean you have to act that scene out exactly in the music video.

JESSICA BADER: While I generally prefer music videos that are 100% free of gun violence, there’s something about the way “Man Down” is being criticized that bothers me. A lot of the uproar over the vigilante justice depicted in the video for Rihanna’s latest single is centered around it being Rihanna’s video. Somehow, the performer’s status as a survivor of domestic violence is overwhelming the way we see a music video in which she portrays a woman who is sexually assaulted on her way home from a party and guns down her assailant in a train station the next morning. Continue reading

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SNL in Review: Jon Hamm/Rihanna

ZOË RICE: “Biden time” was pretty mediocre. I like Sudeikis’s impression, but I can’t say there was anything memorable about this episode’s opener.

Love the Biden impression. Better save it for when you have some material, SNL. Wouldn’t think you’d have to wait too long. Continue reading

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Jamie Cullum: The Pursuit

AKIE BERMISS: Jamie Cullum is a kind of enigma in the music business. He’s a wild jazz piano-playing rockstar from England. He’s a bit like the UK’s Michael Buble, only much grittier and irreverent. I came to know his music in 2005 when I came across his Twentysomething album. I remember thinking it was a pretty great record. A good amount of jazz, pop, and piano. The record had a particularly acoustic and direct quality to it, like you might walk into a tiny jazz club and hear the band playing any given track. Since that record, though, Cullum has gotten a little produced and overwrought for my tastes. His latest release, The Pursuit, is a little less prefab sounding.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Both Akie and I have a similar take on Jamie Cullum. I did have some different impressions of his particular choices in The Pursuit, and how well he carried them off. Continue reading

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SNL: Blake Lively / Rihanna

STEVE MURPHY: Muppets? Where the hell did this joke even come from? Are the Muppets somehow a timely reference? I can’t tell if Blake Lively is terrible or if this idea is just the worst thing ever. The Muppets were funny a couple weeks ago in that driving sketch, but this was a horrific second appearance for what could have been a great recurring set of characters. Shouldn’t the monologue have something at least tangentially related to the host? I will say that Blake Lively’s breasts performed very well.

HOWARD MEGDAL: She made Megan Fox look like a pilgrim! But right on- monologue was totally aimless. Continue reading

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