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Curb Your Enthusiasm, Week 6 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER Our heroes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” are right where we left them last episode: on an airplane, eating Pinkberry, ready to take off into the skies and land in old New York. With the impending skyline in the distance, things seem to be looking up for Larry. Yet, what was interesting about Episode 6 of Season 8 was that Larry, “The Hero,” (as this episode is titled) hasn’t really changed or developed much outside of location and circumstance. Larry seems to be playing his surroundings, and the happenings within them, to his benefit without actually changing his outlook, his cynicism, or his chutzpah. Yet what we ultimately see is a faulty lionheart trying to negotiate new life and New York.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Ultimately, this episode felt a bit dissonant. Things like the waiter, the argument with the coachy woman, even the courtship/breakup with the hero worshipper, none of it felt coherent in the usual Curb Your Enthusiasm way. Continue reading

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Oscar Hosts

NAVA BRAHE: As someone old enough to remember Johnny Carson as an Oscar host, here’s what I propose: Exhume his body, extract some DNA, get a sample from Billy Crystal, Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais, throw them all into a Petri dish and see what happens. Of course, that’s improbability bordering on lunacy, but all the same, that’s what I got. In a perfect world, the Oscars would go down like this: red carpet parade (presided over by Joan Rivers, of course), the reading off of the award recipients, then the parties. That’s really all you need.

ZOË RICE: Who’s with you, Jon Chattman of the Huffington Post? I’m with you! I’m so with you. Justin Timberlake would be the awesomest Oscar host ever. Hear that, hyperbole haters? Awesomest of all time. Continue reading

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