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Frank Thomas Perspectives

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, Frank Thomas is a pair of images: at the start of his career, and at the end of his career. And both represent excellence on a scale I won’t soon forget.

CHRIS PUMMER: As a White Sox fan, it’s hard to describe how incredibly lucky I felt to see Thomas — likely the best player in the franchise’s history — compete in his prime. Continue reading

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Yankees Win with A-Rod: Justice Served/Yankees deserve to lose, now more than ever

STEPHON JOHNSON: The Yankees don’t deserve Alex Rodriguez, but a World Series victory followed by an immediate retirement sounds like justice.

DAVE TOMAR: The Yankees and Rodriguez deserve to let each other down for committing to a bad relationship. Justice would see Rodriguez rack up every conceivable individual accomplishment known to baseball without the glory of a World Championship. Continue reading

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Adam Dunn: Undervalued by Teams/Overvalued by Stat-Savvy fans

Adam Dunn is the bargain no team should ignore.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When I saw this piece in The Washington Post (okay, saw it in MLBTradeRumors.com citing The Washington Post), I understood that the phrase…

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Alan Trammell: Fringe Candidate/Hall of Famer

DAVE TOMAR: Today, the baseball Hall Of Fame elected Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice as the Class 2009 . The former a first-ballot shoe-in and the latter in his last year of eligibility, they make a fitting class together. Left-fielders both, they are simultaneously the first from the position to enter the Hall in 20 years. Falling somewhere down toward the bottom of voting this year was Alan Trammell, a man who commandeered his team for two decades from another position oft-overlooked position. [MORE]

HOWARD MEGDAL: The question isn’t whether or not Alan Trammell is a Hall of Famer. The question is, just how many shortstops already in the Hall of Fame have a better case? The answer is: not many. [MORE] Continue reading

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