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This Week in 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: Despite being dislodged atop recent polls by Herman Cain, Rick Perry still poses the most likely danger to Mitt Romney’s chances of garnering the GOP nomination for president. Continue reading

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The Week in 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: If Tim Pawlenty is finding comfort these days it’s in the fact that the Hindenburg, much like his presidential campaign, wasn’t very high off the ground when it exploded. Continue reading

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No Huckabee; Now What?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The exit of Mike Huckabee from the 2012 GOP race has huge ramifications. Arguably, no candidate or potential candidate had a broader hold on the likely GOP electorate as Huckabee.

Consider the groups Huckabee could claim as his…

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Romney and Michigan

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: According to Public Policy Polling’s, um, polling, Mitt Romney is tied in the popular opinion with Mike Huckabee here in Michigan – and that news is I disagree. That result isn’t so much troubling as it is totally expected.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Mitt Romney’s Michigan primary victory in 2008 only strengthened the nonsense idea that his ties to the state mean anything going into 2012. Continue reading

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Olympia Snowe Party Switch: Worth It?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Rumors are circulating that Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine may be contemplating a switch to the Democratic Party, or may be being wooed to do so. Unfortunately, I suspect the Dems would simply be getting another Blue Dog who was less helpful than otherwise.

JESSICA BADER: While it’s interesting to speculate about what would happen if Olympia Snowe switched parties, it’s pretty much an academic exercise. In fact, I’d be shocked if any member of Congress were to switch parties over the next two years. Continue reading

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The W. Book Tour

AKIE BERMISS: Its too soon for George W. Bush to be back in the media.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I should probably not be surprised that George W. Bush has already written a book about his presidency, even though his presidency was by many standards extremely recent. Continue reading

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Democratic Loyalty

AKIE BERMISS: Last week, after Vice President Biden’s exhortation of the Democratic base, there was great deal of blow back from liberals across the board. I spent nearly an hour on twitter arguing with a friend and fellow-blogger as to whether liberals should or should not abandon the party. Biden was characteristically crass and undiplomatic in his speech and what stuck in many Democrats craws was his demand that we all “stop whining.” While I think that may have been quite possibly the worst way to put it, I do basically agree with the sentiment. Continue reading

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Primary Night Extravaganza

HOWARD MEGDAL: With Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware, the prospects for a Republican Senate takeover became bleaker. But the real story is that it provides yet another example of just how dangerous this path is long-term for the Republican Party in the years that follow 2010.

JESSICA BADER: The stunning outcome of the Republican gubernatorial primary in New York appears similar on the surface to what happened in Delaware, but the likely effects are very different. This was not a case where one candidate was a prohibitive favorite to win the general election and the other stood little chance to do so – Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was almost certain to win in November no matter which Republican candidate prevailed tonight. However, the victory of Carl Paladino, a Buffalo-area businessman best known for forwarding offensive e-mails and proposing that prisons be converted into dormitories for welfare recipients, by a nearly two-to-one margin over former Representative Rick Lazio could cause problems for the GOP further down the ticket – something of a problem when the party is targeting multiple House seats held by Democrats and trying to win back the state senate. Continue reading

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State of the Newt

HOWARD MEGDAL: Newt Gingrich has made little secret of the fact that he wants to be President of the United States. That was clear when he rode an anti-Democratic wave to become Speaker of the House, when he tried to bring down a president, and in every appearance he makes these days with a thinly-veiled PAC geared to return him to the public eye.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: Regardless, Newt’s role in the Republican Party at this point isn’t going to be as a candidate for elective office, but as one of the elder statesmen of the party, which is a role he can handle very well. Newt’s name isn’t of huge value, but instilling an intellectual spirit in the party rather than the kind of lazy conservative faux-populism that Sarah Palin represents can only benefit the party.

CHRIS PUMMER: If Gingrich is the nominee, it’s going to be because the GOP prospects are bleak, the other A-listers have taken a pass, and Newt will be the latest Bob Dole-style firewood thrown into the fires of futility. Which maybe meets his exact place in history. Continue reading

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Open Primaries: A Good Idea?

DAN SZYMBORSKI: It’s time we send our system of primary elections to the trash heap.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Dan’s points are well taken. But I see the system as it is, and given the reality of our political system, eliminating party primaries and labels makes for a less-informed electorate. Removing party labels would be like removing lipstick from a pig.
Continue reading

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