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CA-36 and the Worst Ad Ever

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Like many people, I generally dislike campaign ads. But I’ve never seen anything as over-the-top despicable as this campaign ad Turn Right USA recently released, accusing Democratic candidate Janice Hahn (of California’s 36th District) of spending taxpayer money on gang members and I don’t know what all.

CHRIS PUMMER: I don’t think there’s any sort of communication fail here. It couldn’t really be more obvious what ad is trying to say, which is what makes it disgusting. Continue reading

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This Week in 2012: Huntsman, Perry

HOWARD MEGDAL: Well, it’s official: Jon Huntsman has entered the GOP race with a campaign guaranteed to get him nowhere in 2012. Whether it positions him well for the future has more to do with the GOP than it does with Huntsman.

CHRIS PUMMER: My opinion is that Rick Perry’s chances of grabbing the nomination are overstated. Dissatisfaction with the announced candidates might give him the appearance of strength initially, but he might not have the strength to weather the greatly increased scrutiny that would come with a real candidacy and still be able to slip by Mitt Romney. Continue reading

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Arnold’s Legacy

ALLISON REILLY: It seems that actors don’t do half-bad in government. To summarize Arnold’s legacy a the governor of California into a few short words: He did what he felt was right.

CHRIS PUMMER: Disappointment seems like a fair label for the Governator, at least when his tenure is measured against rhetoric Schwarzenegger delivered as a Candidator. Continue reading

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Comeback Candidate: Sanford or Spitzer?

AKIE BERMISS: Last week Molly posed the question: Spitzer or Sanford. Which of the two will be able to turn around and comeback to politics first? I’m no campaign strategist, but I think it comes down to simple question of efficacy, marketability, and boundaries. To me, those are two different kinds of disgrace. One takes you out of the game for a couple of seasons. The other takes you off the team for good.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Intuitively, I’d think Akie is correct. However… this poll, which has Mark Sanford’s approval rating at 55 percent in South Carolina, and Sanford’s refusal to rule out a return to politics, provides the latest example of social conservatives accepting “Do as I say, not as I do” from their leaders. Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert’s Testimony

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Not everyone was impressed by Stephen Colbert’s recent in-character testimony before Congress – even, possibly, those impressed by the previous testimony by Sesame Street’s Elmo or by Harry Reid’s Twitter conversation with Lady Gaga.

AKIE BERMISS: Anytime Stephen Colbert goes to Washington DC I get excited for the ensuing news cycle. Was it just 2006 when he spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner? It seems so long ago: the Colbert Report was brand new. Its like most Americans over 35 had never really heard of Stephen Colbert. And then he walked into that dinner throwing fireballs of satire around. The discomfort could have been cut with a knife. It was a moment that made us all say, “Wow — this guy is no joke!” Continue reading

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Toomey Or Not Toomey

CHRIS PUMMER: While Pennsylvanians have strong strains of conservatism, they are overall moderate and pragmatic. Patt Toomey appears to be neither of those thing, preferring instead to brand himself as an extreme conservative ideologue.

Chris’s analysis of Pennsylvania is spot-on. But that is merely the playing field, and other dynamics point to Pat Toomey having a far better shot than he typically would- in 2010, Toomey may indeed have a friend in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

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Extreme GOP: Right OR Wrong for America?

JESSICA BADER: The Republican Party’s messy divorce from sanity is a good thing for the country in both the short term and the long term.

HOWARD MEGDAL: In a two-party system, one party of crazy is a terrifying thing. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh: Good OR Bad for GOP?

CHRIS PUMMER: Republicans will have to regroup before they can rebuild, so they’d better embrace would-be donors.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Money from Dittoheads won’t be enough to overcome the ever-emerging Democratic Majority, demographically. Continue reading

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