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Champions League Matchday 6

MIKE CUMMINGS: Play it again, Sam. And, aww, what the heck — while we’re at it, here’s looking at you, Arsenal.

HOWARD MEGDAL: To paraphrase another Casablanca quote, Mike, how extravagant you are, throwing away Spurs like that. Someday, English clubs may become scarce. Continue reading

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January Transfer Window Expectations

KAREN PATEL: I remember last season when Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted as saying that the transfer market is poor, which is why he doesn’t make any more flagship signings. Many interpreted this as simply a lack of funds provided by the owners (they are in an awful lot of debt after all) but, for the first time in my life, I have to agree with Mr Ferguson.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Karen is right: the transfer window does allow for price-gouging, and little else. But for a number of teams within clear striking distance, adding that one extra piece could be the difference. Continue reading

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El Clasico: What It Means

MIKE CUMMINGS: So Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 on Monday, and footie commentators the world over are falling over themselves to anoint Barca The Best of All Time. The Spoiler went for the phrase “looked like one of the truly great football teams,” and included a couple of current players in the club’s all-time best squad. Meanwhile Tom Adams claimed Barca currently has three all-time greats on its squad (though that includes only one of the two The Spoiler plumped for), and the Spanish press hailed a historic win for the “Azulgrana.” Me? For once I’ll side with Jose Mourinho: We will let time judge what this team has done.

KIYAN SOBHANI: As a Madridista, you can imagine how I felt in the bar on Monday – I could only sit there while Barca fans all around me enjoyed one of the most memorable nights in their club’s history. Continue reading

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Champions League Matchday Three

HOWARD MEGDAL: Two games in two days: one utterly clinical, the other filled with excesses not often seen in any match. Each one with Milanese flavor.

MIKE CUMMINGS: Two goals in two halves: One impressive, the other filled with regret not seen since last summer in South Africa. Each one with American flavor. Sorry, Howard, I couldn’t resist. Continue reading

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Champions League: Round 2, Day 1

MIKE CUMMINGS: Welcome to the official thread for the inaugural Perpetual Post Champions League liveblog® (patent pending). Let’s pray this works.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’m looking at primarily Auxerre v. Real Madrid and Basel 1893 vs. Bayern Munich. Curious to see if poor Auxerre can fight their way into the group, and if Bayern is as strong as they looked last time out against Roma. Continue reading

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Champions League In Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: The Champions League’s first match-day. It’s like Christmas three-and-a-half months early, except it actually lasts for two days and, here in the states, we can only enjoy it by proxy. Maybe that means it’s more like the overseas March Madness, six months late. Who knows? Either way, there’s always plenty of excitement, followed by a batch of totally unsurprising results, followed by a wave of sarcasm and anger from me. How did it play out this time? Funny you asked …

HOWARD MEGDAL: No real argument with Mike, though while I agree that Inter lost some players (and Morinho), they also kept a ton of players. Wesley Sneijder, Julio Cesar, Diego Milito… all still there. So the draw to Twente surprised me.
Continue reading

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Transfer Window Winners/Losers

KAREN PATEL: a recent article in Goal.com claimed that Tottenham Hotspur were the big losers of this transfer window, but I couldn’t disagree more. Harry Redknapp now has a wealth of striking talent at his disposal – potentially more potent attacking options than most of the teams around him, and that includes the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United. Rafael Van Der Vaart is the latest addition to Spurs’ healthy-looking attack and it will be interesting to see how the manager copes.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I’m glad you brought up Arsenal, because I’m convinced they’ll end up being one of the biggest losers of this transfer market — once the season plays out. Arsene Wenger strengthened his squad in a few important spots — defense, forwards — but, once again, completely ignored the 800-pound gorilla in North London. Arsenal are still without a top-class goalkeeper, and as long as that’s true, it’s going to be almost impossible for them to win the title. Continue reading

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Barcelona’s Future

KIYAN SOBHANI: It’s far too early to judge any team, especially in La Liga which starts a little later than other leagues, with teams not nearly as prepared as they are in the EPL or Bundesliga by this time. People criticized Barcelona’s preseason loss against Sevilla in the first leg of the Copa Del Rey but it’s quite clear that Barca’s full team wasn’t there, while Sevilla’s was. Barcelona’s entire team was in the World Cup (fatigue?), and pretty much their whole team (The Spanish National Team) was away in Mexico City playing a meaningless friendly. The team that lost in Seville is one that won’t be seen again by Pep now that the starters are back.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Kiyan is right that the immediate future is bright at Barcelona, given the astounding amount of talent on hand. But permit me to sound a note of caution, given what we learned this summer about the extraordinary debt Barcelona is carrying. Continue reading

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Champions League Group Reviews

MIKE CUMMINGS: Well, the Champions League draw is complete, which means all the drama in the Champions League is over until the New Year. Between now and December, sixteen teams will qualify for the knockout rounds, and there’s a pretty good chance that a large percentage of the sixteen will be repeat offenders from last year. So why watch? Well, for one thing, Rubin Kazan are going back to the Camp Nou this year, and Barcelona will probably still overlook them. What’s that? Won’t happen again? Oh well — there’s always the chance we’ll get to see JT have a good cry at some point.

AIDAN KELLY: I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s time to bury deep the clichéd ‘Group of Death’ moniker.

With the media’s desire, born of laziness, to use the phrase after every conceivable draw – whatever the sport — said GODs rarely live up to the hype.
Continue reading

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In Briefs: UEFA Champions League Draw

HOWARD MEGDAL: HERE WE GO! Oh, how do I get the Champions League anthem played whenever I enter, say, the kitchen?

MIKE CUMMINGS: I think you can download that on iTunes, Howard. Just put it on repeat. What I want to know is, if UEFA is going to insist on having this thing in English, why does it seem like the hosts/hostesses are struggling a bit with the language? Continue reading

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