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State of Chris Brown

Jocelyn Hoppa: During the Grammy’s, as Chris Brown accepted his first award, a flood of Twitter comments came from various people I follow, most with the hash tag “#neverforget” following various jokes and/or outright dismay that he would be granted an award after being in the public eye for beating Rihanna’s face to a black-and-blue pulp.

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Whitney Houston Remembered


AKIE BERMISS: The music world was rocked last Saturday night when it became known that singer Whitney Houston had died in a hotel in Beverly Hills.  And the night before the 2012 Grammys no less.  I found out while…

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Janelle Monae

Eric: I did not sign up for this topic because I had something coherent to say about Janelle Monae. Rather, it was blind and overwhelming enthusiasm.

AKIE BERMISS: Well, on the one hand, I too and writing from sheer, unbridled fandom. I think I heard a snippet of Monae’s “Tightrope” a few months back and I thought it sounded pretty funky. In fact, it led me to look up her bio and read reviews of her previous record — the self-produced Metropolis EP. And, as a geek and funkster, I have weakness for all things alien, cyborg, and futuristic. Funk is, after all, that futuristic music. Its the blues for robots. And, if you’ve ever read any Isaac Asimov you’ll know, when robots get the blues its heavy.

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Alicia Keys

AKIE BERMISS: When I say Alicia Key’s new The Element Of Freedom album is un-listenable, I am NOT exaggerating. The album is an unmitigated disaster of musical mediocrity. Its not that the songs themselves are horrible, per se. Each one is a nice, bland, soft-rock-pop single on its own. Each could be the end-credits music for an early-90s action-romance (read: Speed). But put them all back-to-back and they amount to some of the most uninteresting, soporific music I have heard all year.

STEPHON JOHNSON: I agree that Alicia Keys’ new album is dull, conservative and safe. But we’ve known that about Keys for a while now. The Element of Freedom doesn’t have the element of surprise. Clive Davis probably likes it that way. Continue reading

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