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Domonic Brown Prospectus

DAVE TOMAR: Brown has been hounded not just by the imposing stats that Werth takes out of town with him but by the immediacy of success enjoyed last year by top prospects like Atlanta’s 21 year-old Jason Heyward, Florida’s 21 year-old Mike Stanton and San Francisco’s 23 year-old Buster Posey. While Brown’s upside remains high, he didn’t come out of the box fully assembled like these other guys. Fortunately for the Phillies, there are a few perfectly capable ballplayers lined up and itching to prove themselves as everyday players.

CHRIS PUMMER: Dave is right. The Phillies’ season won’t be made or broken by what Brown can give them above and beyond what the other spare parts laying around could if assembled properly. But all things being equal, they’d rather have the chance to see now what Brown can do for them. Continue reading

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NL East Discourse

DAVE TOMAR: Divisional games promise to be compelling this year and, as the season wears on, loaded with post-season implications. With the Phillies and the Mets, the NL East has two teams with a legitimate shot at the pennant. The edge goes to the team that’s already been there.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think Dave makes perfectly reasonable picks. However, the reasons I pick the Mets over the Phillies are several-fold, and I disagree with some of his basic assumptions. Continue reading

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Adam Dunn: Undervalued by Teams/Overvalued by Stat-Savvy fans

Adam Dunn is the bargain no team should ignore.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When I saw this piece in The Washington Post (okay, saw it in MLBTradeRumors.com citing The Washington Post), I understood that the phrase…

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