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Obama On The View

AKIE BERMISS: I’m probably less down on the President than most other people. For an extraordinary person doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times — I think he’d doing pretty damned well at it. What’s Obama’s most major criticism from the left? He’s not getting in to the game enough. Ok, well I think that’s pretty silly, its been about a year and half and he’s made more big “presidential”-style policy moves than most guys do in a TWO terms. All this while the civilized world is falling down around his ears, two land-wars, and an obstinate (almost hysterical) Republican Party trying to block him at every step.

So I think its about time people give him some credit for knowing what he’s doing.

THOMAS DELAPA: All in all, much ado about nothing. It didn’t hurt him, but possibly he helped his image a bit with the almost exclusively female audience. They all gave him plenty of room to stay on message about jobs and the economy, including a deferential Hasselbeck.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: I have to admit to being a little exhausted by Obama’s constant presence. Reaching voters is important but Obama’s around more than the Where’s the Beef ads were.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I didn’t watch President Obama on The View. I didn’t have to, and I still know it was a good idea. This is real simple math. 6.59 million viewers. Continue reading

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Netflix/Amazon/iTunes Suggests…

STEVE MURPHY: Websites have been trying to recommend things to me for years based on my prior activity, but they’ve never really been any good at it. Finally, Netflix and iTunes are stepping up their game. Finally, some recommendation engines that actually help me find things I’m going to enjoy… and warn me off those I won’t.

AKIE BERMISS: Read your science fiction, people. If there’s nothing else we’ve learned from various sci-fi doomsday scenarios, we should certainly know that you should never trust the machines. Machines are out to get you. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday — those machines are going to take you down, man! And so, while I love gadgets and devices and artificial intelligences, I have a healthy cynicism for computer-to-humanity relations. And so I don’t trust any computer or program or algorithm to tell me what I like or may like or won’t like. I have good friends that’ve known me for years and still couldn’t really guess what I like or don’t like. Continue reading

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