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Oliver Perez’s Unfair Treatment

SHARON CHAPMAN: First of all, what is fair?
Toddlers are constantly complaining that things are unfair. It’s unfair that they can’t have ice cream for dinner. It’s unfair that they can’t stay up all night. It’s unfair that they have to take baths. It’s just not right. Toddlers don’t understand that ice cream for dinner will make them flabby and not fit. Staying up all night won’t allow a child to grow properly. And without baths, nobody would want to have the child over for a playdate.

Oliver Perez is a flabby, under-rested, smelly toddler.

ZOË RICE: When Oliver Perez says the Mets are being unfair, he’s actually partially right. Not to him mind you. Perez can complain about unfair treament like Linday Lohan can complain about cameras in her face. Bed, lie in it. Contrary to Ollie’s whining, the Mets are being unfair to the other 24 men on that pre-September roster, to the fans, and even to their own chances of getting something in return for that bloated, ill-conceived contract he carries.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Sorry to play that card, but Oliver Perez, to some Mets fans, is Omar Minaya in uniform. And rememeber the criticism over Minaya’s alleged racial preference? That plays a role as well. Continue reading

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Reflections on Shirley Sherrod

AKIE BERMISS: Let us take a minute and think about the amount of time that has elapsed since the first Shirley Sherrod video broke. Just about week ago the media/blogosphere was all a twitter over a video of the Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture[ speaking at an NAACP function and APPARENTLY confessing to having committed reverse racism. Just a week ago, but of course it seems like ages ago. What are we talking about today? Probably the final death throws of the not-so-important Wikileaks/Afghanistan story, right? I mean, before the Sherrod story broke, all the talk was about Charlie Rangel and the ethics committee. Before THAT scandal we were talking about how watered-down but symbolically-good the financial reform was going to be. We live in the age of the instant story, the instant story. The 24-hour news cycle and all the spin that is fit to print. Trouble is all this new coverage hasn’t led to MORE coverage or MORE news — its led to more coverage of less topics. Its almost fetishistic myopia.

JESSICA BADER: Of everyone even peripherally involved in the Shirley Sherrod saga, only three people – Sherrod herself and the white couple whose farm she helped save all those years ago – came out of it not looking bad in some way. In a slightly gentler universe, the story Sherrod had told at that NAACP function would be the inspiration for a saccharine Lifetime movie chock-full of important lessons. In the universe as it is, things took a far more depressing turn.
And so for a few days last week, Sherrod, the NAACP, Obama, and “reverse-racism” were the story burning on all cylinders. Continue reading

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The following is a reader-submitted orphaned opinion.


JOHN CHRISTIAN HOPKINS: I’ve been thinking about racism and the Tea Party …
Stop me, if you think you’ve heard all this before. Continue reading

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Is This Photo Racist?

STEPHON JOHNSON: It comes around every year: a potentially racially-charged photo spread in a fashion magazine. But it doesn’t make Interview’s spread any less worthy of discussion.

AKIE BERMISS: Shock value — that’s all it comes down to. I don’t know anything about fashion or photography, but I do know about shock value. I do know about the social mores of the 20th and 21st centuries in America. I do know about the objectification of women and the theoretical hyper-masculinity of the black man. How one is the embodiment of purity, innocence, and beauty and the other is the paradigm of savagery, carnality, and evil. And that even when that innocence or purity is somewhat sarcastic (or, over the top, if you will) and even when that beauty is not really all that beautiful, and even when the savagery and the evil are meant to seem dangerously seductive — I know that the basic morality play is the same. This (good) versus that (bad). And who can resist so compelling a dichotomy?
Continue reading

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Gran Torino: Best Picture/Movie Version of an American Car

The journey is what separates Gran Torino from the average film.


A friend once snickered at my affection for the movie Hoosiers.

“What’s the big deal?” he asked. “An unlikely coach takes over a down-on-its-luck team; the…

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