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Modern Family: Aunt Mommy Review

KIP MOONEY: Watching the latest episode of Modern Family – yet another winner in my book – I couldn’t help but be reminded of one its all-time greats, “Our Children, Ourselves.” That’s for two reasons: both revolved around Cam and…

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In Briefs: A Baby Story

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: There are nine hundred giant flat-screen televisions at my gym, and most of them seem to be on TLC. Can anyone explain to me the appeal of shows that follow a couple through their pregnancy to the birth of their baby and then the first few weeks after that? It’s like a boring home movie of someone I don’t know. What the helly hell?

CHRIS PUMMER: Been there. Done that shit. Twice now. I’m finished with it now, thanks.
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Abstinence is Unrealistic OR Bring On Unwanted Babies!

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: If abstinence is right, then please, please, please let me be wrong.

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