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In Briefs: Bacon

ZOE RICE: Different topic, but one involving a former favorite topic of… I think it was Ted? Bacon. Colored bacon, specifically. Bacon art?

By the way I think bacon is one of the most overrated foods out there.

HOWARD MEGDAL:When Ted reads what you wrote, you are going to be in trouble.

AKIE BERMISS: I saw the colored bacon thing. It looks gross. However, let me be the vanguard of those who defend bacon, but Marc Antony style (I come to bury bacon, not to praise it).
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Swine Flu: Vegetarians Will Laugh Last vs. Smarten Up, Swine Flu

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: It’s entirely possible that pigs with pre-school level intelligence made this whole thing up.
MOLLY SCHOEMANN: This isn’t rocket science, it’s influenza!
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