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Ken Burns’ The Tenth Inning

HOWARD MEGDAL: I’ve spent the past two days considering why, despite covering more recent territory, the latest edition of Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball felt more remote. And I think the answer is a change in the way he told the story.

THOMAS DELAPA: The extra inning of Ken Burns’ winning Baseball series felt less like a fall classic than a classic forties film noir: A foul sense of doom and gloom was ever lurking on-deck, despite the two decades of on-field drama and brilliant heroics. The lurking gloom, of course, was steroids, Major League Baseball’s crippling scandal that made the Black Sox cheaters look like bush leaguers.

STEPHON JOHNSON: We live in an era where everyone re-contextualizes an event within minutes of its occurence. Despite the obvious difficulties in painting a picture and telling a story, Burns succeeds with The Tenth Inning. Continue reading

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How Much For Pedro?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The reports are that Pedro Martinez wants a hefty sum of money to pitch in 2010. Those who are skeptical point to the fact that he’s 38 years old, has pitched just 314 1/3 innings since 2005, and is currently inactive as a reason not to break the bank for him.

But when we discussed this among the Perpetual Post writers, I came to the conclusion that if I were a contending team one pitcher short, I’d pay $6 million for half a season. Now, I know that’s a lot. But hear me out.

CHRIS PUMMER: The bottom line is that there are a lot of options, which means it’s a buyer’s market. That means there’s no reason to grossly overpay Martinez to climb off his couch. Continue reading

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Discourse on Pedro Martinez

JESSICA BADER: During the 2007-8 offseason, as I pondered what I expected from the Mets in the coming season almost all of my thoughts about Pedro Martinez were drenched in sunshine and optimism. To be sure, it was stats-based sunshine and optimism (look, Pedro struck out one out of every four batters he faced! And get a load of that shiny 4.57 K/BB ratio! Imagine what he’ll do when he’s not being dragged down by a .413 BABIP), but it was still thinking in best-case terms based on a sample size of all of 28 innings, ignoring such things as Pedro’s age and his history of fragility.

DAVE TOMAR:The consensus is that Pedro Martinez has struggled to be effective in recent years, and the Phillies know that they are neither bringing in a top flight pitcher nor even a sure thing at the bottom of the rotation. But the team sells $2 million in Schmitters and dollar dogs in any given month so to pay that for a Hall of Fame bound pitcher doesn’t seem unreasonable. Continue reading

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